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  • I hadn’t felt like myself in a long time. I didn’t enjoy the things I

  • used to. I just didn’t know what the problem was.

  • A few of my friends had suggested I see a counselor, but I shook it off, hoping

  • things would get better on their own.

  • While I knew they were probably right, it was hard to imagine myself in counseling because

  • I didn’t know what to expect.

  • I didn’t want to lie on anybody’s big couch. And isn’t counseling just for crazy

  • people? Am I CRAZY? I’m not crazy!

  • I wondered if the counselor would judge me or if my friends and family would

  • find out.

  • I tried talking to friends and family about it, I tried to make more time

  • for things I enjoyedbut I knew something was off and I really had no idea what it was

  • or how to fix it. I even tried Googling some of my symptoms to see if I could figure it

  • out but as time passed, I was feeling worse all the time. It even began to affect others

  • areas of my life. My grades even started to suffer. I finally accepted that I everything

  • I was trying wouldn’t work; I needed something more.

  • So, I made the call. The receptionist was friendly and helped find a time that worked

  • with my class schedule.

  • I thought I would be seeing someone right away, so I was surprised when she said there

  • was a waitlist! At first I thought that the wait was excessive but after doing some searching

  • online, I found out that it was standard procedure for most health care services offered at a

  • university.

  • It also made me think, “hey, if there’s a wait list, there must be a lot

  • of people going to counseling too.” I guess more people go than I thought.

  • The receptionist said if it was urgent, I could come in right away for a same-day appointment.

  • I considered my options and decided that I could wait.

  • As the date of my appointment grew nearer, that’s when my nerves really started

  • to get the best of me. I started wondering what’s gonna happen in the appointment?

  • What will they ask me?

  • Will they give me advice or blame me for causing my problems? I wonder if other

  • people ever have similar issues or is it just me?

  • I didn’t want to be judged by the therapist. What if they don’t like me?

  • What if I don’t like them? Will they give me medication? Do I even want medication?

  • I had no idea what to expect from counseling, so it made the wait a bit difficult.

  • If youre considering counseling and not sure what to expect, take it from me: It’s

  • normal to be anxious.

  • The day of my appointment had arrived. When I first walked in I was asked to fill

  • out some paperwork before meeting with my counselor. It had questions about my symptoms,

  • and my mental health and medical history. Then, a few minutes later, I finally met with

  • Dr. S. Turns out; she was really chill for a doctor.

  • After she introduced herself, she informed me that everything we were going

  • to talk about would be completely confidential with a few exceptions, which we discussed

  • until I felt comfortable. She also said that if we see each other on campus, she wouldn’t

  • say hello if I didn’t want her to unless I initiated the communication.

  • We talked about why I came in. I told her that I hadn’t been feeling like myself

  • lately and I didn’t know why. I talked about how I couldn’t focus in school, how I was

  • feeling sad and angry at times for no reason, and that I was exhausted.

  • She asked me questions about my family, my friends, any clubs or organizations I was

  • a part of. She asked me about my childhood, any medications I had ever taken. She also

  • asked if I had ever had thoughts about self injury or suicide. That surprised me a little

  • bit but she said that asking was a common part of an assessment for everyone.

  • My initial fears completely disappeared in the first few minutes; I felt so relieved.

  • It was really comfortable to talk to her. I don’t know why I was so worried.

  • In the end, we discussed a lot of different options for what to do next.

  • She helped me make a customized plan. For me, my plan included individual therapy with

  • a counselor on campus. However, there are so many options.

  • She let me know that if I didn’t feel comfortable working with her, that I

  • also had the option to work with another counselor. Dr. S and I are a good fit though, so we decided

  • to stick together. My next scheduled appointment is a week from today.

  • After I left, I thought about all of the advantages of going to counseling on

  • campus- I mean, theyre experts. Basically everyone there has years of experience and

  • training

  • I also thought about how all of my concerns were sort of off base. I didn’t

  • have to lie on a couch. Turns out, I’m not alone and it has given me a ton of hope!

  • Sometimes it can be challenging but I know it’s a process and I should try

  • to keep it going. I’ve now gone to 3 sessions. I’ve learned a lot about myself and how

  • to better regulate my emotions. Dr. S provided things for me to work on in between sessions

  • and I am getting stronger every day.

  • I’m looking forward to seeing what comes out of this. We have about 3 more

  • sessions before we reevaluate my progress.

  • So, that’s how it works. Counseling works for a lot of students. Find out if it’s

  • right for you!

  • This is a typical story, most students attend 4-7 sessions. Services may

  • vary but all campuses offer crisis/urgent care, individual and group therapy. Check

  • with your campus for additional services offered. Most services are free for registered students.”

I hadn’t felt like myself in a long time. I didn’t enjoy the things I


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