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Every day millions
of people play League of Legends.
These are five of those players.
Cairo, Egypt
São Paulo, Brazil
Mariana, how is the performance coming?
You should ask your other daughter.
Why her?
Because she will perform too
and she didn't practice last night.
Yeah, I got the feeling.
Seoul, South Korea
Can I have the scissors?
-Scissors? -Thank you.
I think lots of people will come today.
So be prepared.
Los Angeles, USA
-Welcome to Summoner's Rift.
Stykkishólmur, Iceland
My name is Eyjólfur Fannar Scheving Jónsson and I'm a fisherman.
-Nothing to do? -No.
I started fishing in 2005 because I was 18 years old and I needed a job.
So I was just forced out to sea.
I like my job. I wouldn't be doing it if I didn't like it.
But my dream is to work in game design.
We usually fish for two to three weeks and then we are off for like four days.
And we're off at the moment.
Today I'm going with my dad, it will be 45 minutes sail.
Reykjavik, Reykjavik. 60 04 out from Stykkishólmur.
And it's just blue everywhere.
Just the sky and the sea.
I came over to the States to really get into a house,
go over strategies and train.
First game of the day is always a bit sloppy.
This is where I either die or I make it big.
Alright, I made it big.
When I was growing up, I played sports a lot.
I loved going to these tournaments, these high pressure situations.
That was kind of my goal for life after that, was to just win stuff.
T8 right now it's like a family.
-We're just here for the same goal
-Linden, Braeden's Twin Brother
so that we can eventually make a job out of gaming.
I'm going to head topside.
Whenever I told people about it, they were very skeptical.
Wait, I'm going to ping this bush.
Playing video games is not a job, right?
I have to show them videos of the World Championships.
Then they kind of start realizing how big it is.
League of Legends is becoming the true sport.
Our team is getting ready for the promotional series.
If you win, you get a salary, you get exposure.
You are able to make a job out of gaming.
This is pretty much everything we've been working for
and it's going to happen in two hours.
I've never done cosplay for such a large group.
I don't know if I'm nervous.
I guess I'm more anxious.
Cosplay is about transforming into your favorite character
and interpreting what they do and
that's it.
I've gotten all kinds of orders for weapons, hats, etc.
I don't have another job. This is it.
Deciding to take part in this contest today
is taking it to another level.
People don't get that I'm doing this
because I have to do it for myself.
I really want to keep on doing this for the rest of my life.
Should we be going this way?
Where are you trying to go?
To the event.
-Do you need to unload? -Yes, we do.
Making robots turned my life around 180 degrees.
My name is Yong-seung, Kim.
My hobby is to make League of Legends characters into robots.
My latest project is the new Baron Nashor robot.
He's an extremely powerful neutral monster.
I'm looking forward to showing it. I think people will respond well.
Let's stop here and unload.
Here's your hat, sweetie.
Most people are creative
but they don't bother to act on it.
That's why I show my projects to people.
We're on the most recognizable bridge in all of Egypt. It's called Qasr al-Nil.
This is the main entryway to get to Tahrir Square.
So when the major demonstrations happened
on the 25th of January 'til the 11th of February,
this is how people would get in.
In 2011, Egypt erupted in revolution.
More than 800 people were killed in clashes with police.
Amin was 19 years old.
That was the first time I ever got shot at like by a real gun
like someone trying to actually kill me.
My name is Amin Abu Hashem and we're in Cairo, Egypt, District of Giza.
Actually I'm just going to stop. Bunch of tanks right there.
There's an APC behind me.
That is anti-terror, anti-riot police.
It's a lot of stress just like piling and piling and piling up on top of you.
League of Legends for some reason calms me down.
League of Legends, for those who don't know,
is an online game.
How can I start?
I started and I hated the game. I actually hated it.
I was so bad I lost the tutorial.
To be totally honest, I didn't like League of Legends.
I just didn't get the game.
And then I kind of realized what the game was about.
Five players vs five other players.
It's like five-men chess when everybody's moving at once.
You're trying to get to their base and destroy it.
And they're trying to do the same exact thing to you.
There's a lot of strategy because you have to be a cohesive unit.
You win the game by destroying an enemy building.
The objective is to destroy their Nexus, which is their central point.
You need to destroy this to win the game.
Hello and welcome back to the 2015 Spring Promotion Tournament.
I'm Max "Atlus" Anderson along with Jake "Spawn" Tiberi
and we'll be your hosts for this all important best of five series
between compLexity and Team 8.
Right now it looks like 56% of you
think that compLexity will earn the right to keep their spot.
...Robert is four into one each...
We walk in the LCS Studio and we see compLexity and we're like,
"Oh boy. These are the guys we're going to have to beat."
Even though compLexity at LCS...
They look like Gods.
And it really looks like...
I think everyone's thinking, "I hope we're ready for this."
Can you guys hear me alright?
Uh, I hear you.
When you're on stage there is a lot of distractions.
There's the crowd. There's the signs. There's the lights.
Even the camera that's watching your face.
But you have to forget it all somehow.
Game's going to start.
We are onto the rift everyone.
A spot in an LCS is on the line in this best of five series
between compLexity and Team 8.
You have so much adrenaline in your body.
You're so close to getting into the LCS. It's one match.
Yeah, I'm going to come top early. Lee's going to be bottom side.
... is doing a good job of being outside of these minion waves
so it's not giving birth.
And we can see that the first gank is towards the topside.
Porpoisepops coming in for another gank.
The head's up is going to be a real...
There is the twisted advance onto Westrice.
Doesn't have the ultimate yet. Only level four.
That's a brilliant pulverize blast. Is it going to be enough to triumph?
Porpoisepops picks up the kill.
Woah, woah, woah. Who's this Katarina?
He doesn't let up!
Ahmed you're taking so much harassment.
So much, you can't dodge his Q?
Lag, lag.
DC'd, DC'd.
Hey, is chat disconnected for everyone?
Cairo's a harsh environment
if you're never been in any Middle Eastern culture.
For me to game, I need to accept that there are things beyond my control.
By the way, the power went out.
We're working off the generator.
The server is down?
The Middle East doesn't have a server,
so everyone either plays in EU Nordic/East,
EU West or North America.
The first time I logged into a European Server,
there was an overload of information.
I go on and I say, "Guys, I'm new. What do I do?"
And I remember the first thing someone said was Russian. It was pure Russian.
And I was like, "Uhh."
And someone like responded in Polish.
And I discovered that Poles
have like a weird like squiggly thing coming out of some of their letters.
I was like, "Oh, that's Polish."
The Danish have a slash through their Os.
It was interesting.
And I met people from all over the world.
I played with people who were like in refugee camps in Jordan,
metal heads in Sweden.
It's cool. It's cool to meet people from different backgrounds
and learn about their life.
My father owns 150 islands in Breiðarfjörður.
We go there together and hunt minks and foxes.
We take a little boat to the beach.
Tie the boat there to a rock and then we walk to the house.
Part of my family's living is collecting eiderdown.
This is eiderdown.
It's like the feathers of the eider bird.
Mink, fox and seagulls, they all threaten this duck.
If there's a fox, we have to go deal with it.
It's a very clever, clever animal.
Most of the time it's a big chase.
This is the fox. This is the dog.
Since I was a little kid, I've always been into hunting.
I guess it's the competition, man and animal, you know.
That's why I like the jungling in League of Legends.
Welcome to Summoner's Rift.
It's kind of like the hunt.
You come there and surprise your prey
and it's so satisfying when you get the kill, you're like, "Fuck, yeah."
Anyone can exhibit handmade pieces at the Maker Faire.
People bring in everything from knit pieces to leather craft.
Some people bring in robots.
I'm putting together my Baron and Kog'Maw robots.
I think I have seen this before.
This is the character from League of Legends.
This is a revised character that will be released in upcoming patches.
This is the new Baron.
Did you make it?
Yes, it took me two months.
-Is that Baron? -Yes, the new one.
It would be cool if there were Fiora.
What made you make it?
Why did I make it?
I'm a very imaginative person.
I made several USB gadgets.
I was good at building machinery. So I thought, "I can create a robot."
I was really into playing LoL
and decided to transform a LoL character into a robot.
So I made a Kog'Maw robot.
Then I thought I should build the characters
and have them fight against each other.
I built almost everything on the Baron robot by hand.
The process is difficult, but it feels great once I finish.
Anime Friends started two days ago.
It's a huge cosplay event.
Every day there are lots of different things...
They have bands from all over,
various cosplay presentations.
My sister and I will compete in the Free Play category.
Free Play is all about making the crowd laugh
not presenting a traditional version of the character.
We rehearsed a lot
and tried hard to make it funny.
I never used to get along with my sister
but a few years ago she started getting into cosplay.
Look, it's a little wolf!
Now we are inseparable.
She's my partner.
I have whiskers at home, we could put it here, right?
-I'm Karthus. -That's pretty.
-It's cool, right? -What I like most about cosplay
is not the outfit, the weapons or the accessories
but being the character in that moment.
You get to escape from who you are
and be who you really want to be.
We are at the game two between Team 8 and compLexity.
Team 8 leads it 1 - 0.
Game two, everybody's doing their job.
PorpoisePops flashing as well.
There's the leap. Robert's going to be dead.
When you're on a rampage or a killing spree...
Oh, there's a death sentence on the Westrice. They make the play.
...you just hear, wah in the crowd.
I remember the first match I saw at a pro level,
they did things I didn't know were possible in the game.
Oh Robert X Lee forces him back.
Oh my goodness that burns for Maplestreet.
It was like watching a master do something and being like
"Oh, I wish I could do that because it looks so awesome."
RobertXLee being caught up, but that is not the target that he wanted.
Team 8 with a fantastic victory.
It's almost beautiful how it's done
because you're pitting two minds against each other.
-I'm going mid. -Alright is going bottom.
-I want to get back off. -He's like right there.
-Okay, so Lee back. Lee back. -I'm backing right now.
Team 8 is one victory away from the LCS Spring Split.
We just don't want pr0lly to get upset.
I think during our matches our biggest fear was pr0lly.
pr0lly on the Syndra. Very, very scary.
pr0lly's a whole level ahead of me.
Can you guys stop him?
-Look at pr0lly's damage. -pr0lly is top line dead. I'm dead.
Maplestreet gets altered to death.
You just think you have it won for one second
and the whole series can be turned around on you.
compLexity looking to end game three and it's battling back
and it looks like they've come up with an answer.
And compLexity looked like they've rallied completely
up from the two losses.
We just loss a match, so momentum's starting to go into compLexity's favor.
pr0lly has been going nuts on this champion.
We need to pick something that we can take care of pr0lly with.
I think we should ban out pr0lly.
I don't think we need to even ban him out. We just need to...
He pressures us too hard though...
We haven't seen his Ziggs yet...
That's true.
...but I don't think anything's gonna be more annoying than his Syndra.
Our team's morale is a bit crushed at this point.
I've been working for this goal for at least two years.
This is not the time to feel like that.
The cosplay circuit has a point system.
At the end all your points are added up to see if you qualify
for the National Cosplay competition.
I'm really competitive.
I want my cosplay to be better
not only better than yours, but better than any other.
Whoever wins the National Competition wins attention.
People hire me to make them League of Legends cosplays
because they've seen my costume and want one just like it.
Winning would be very good for my professional career.
I just want to be the best.
When I did Lulu I listened to her voice
over and over and over and over again.
"Too tall." "Much too tall."
I filmed myself saying several of her sentences...
"What happened!?"
Didn't like it, filmed it again.
"What happened!?"
Didn't like it, filmed it again.
Until what was on camera was perfect.
"Yep," "that tasted purple."
"I could go for a twirl!"
Oh my God.
After the revolution,
a lot people thought that things were going to change instantly.
Tomorrow we're going to all have jobs and Mercedes Benz's
and the sky is going to rain chocolate and gold.
There's some progress.
We're not North Korea, but we're still not really free.
To try and find a full time job, it's very difficult.
I'm just waiting for my internship to respond to me
if there's like any more opportunity there. That'd be cool.
If not, I guess I'll have to figure it out.
The Mediterranean is two and half hours northwest of Cairo
and I go there to unwind and de-stress.
Hello, how are you?
I like playing at least one game a day. It's part of my routine now.
They're E£95?
So I just bought a USB stick modem to my laptop.
I'll be able to play okay.
Once you actually get to the Mediterranean
it's like you're in another world.
You don't have to worry about the stress. It goes away.
You just hear the sound of the sea.
Because you don't have all that pressure on you,
it's like a breath of fresh air.
And then you go back to real life and you've just been like, you're invigorated.
Iceland is not the tropical paradise at all.
It's like harsh beautiful nature
that will kill you in one way or another if you don't respect it.
At this time of year in Iceland
where the ocean is so cold that if you fall you're pretty much dead.
That's how you look at it.
In the graveyard we have a special place where your grave is
if you get lost out to sea.
Do you know anybody who ever gotten lost at sea?
Yeah, I know one.
What happened?
He just fell over, was never found.
There is times when I'm alone and I think about the future.
I don't think I will be fishing all my life.
I would definitely like to use my creative talents to make a living.
I got into the Vancouver Film School that teaches game design.
Right now it's just too expensive.
So I didn't go. I just went fishing instead.
One, two minutes before starting a presentation
I shake a lot. A lot.
Your heart beats 1,000 miles an hour.
Next up... Mariana and Marcela, as League of Legends.
Welcome to Summoner's Rift.
In that moment, I'm not longer Mari.
Now I'm Lulu, or I'm Jinx.
And everything feels better.
Their applause pays off everything we've done over the months.
It's incredible. It really is!
All the applause!
My God!
About my sister...
She's everything to me.
She's that person that will always be by my side when I need her.
And I'll be there when she needs me.
Because at some point our parents won't be here anymore
and we'll only have each other.
Ever since I got interested in robot making
I made connections with other robot makers
and broadened my social life.
I met my wife at a pre-event for the Maker Faire.
I was making small things...
I said, "We have similar hobbies!"
"You like making things!"
I think we're a perfect match.
After dinner we go back to our workshop and stay until the morning.
I'm hoping that others can be inspired to be creative through my activities.
When me and my dad are back in Stykkishólmur we unload the boat.
I'm back now to start fishing.
The engine starts and we sail on.
It's 18 hours sailing and then we fish for three weeks.
It can be lonely, yeah. I won't lie to you.
You can't leave. You know, you're in a metal box out at sea.
That's why I start playing.
Go and communicate with my friends online.
I'm probably one of like very few fisherman's to play this game.
I've not met another fisherman that plays it, no.
We're up 2 - 1. It's very stressful over everyone at this point.
If you push in the middle with me, you can pressure him.
I'm going to back for my armor really quick
and then some wards and then I'll come out.
Kez wanted to come through for a gank here under Slooshi.
-Slooshi's in a lot of trouble. -Watch out Slooshi. Run.
-I need help middle. -Slooshi immediately ...
I'm almost there. I'm almost there.
-First blood coming through. -Are you serious?
-Oh, there's the flash. -Wow.
There's a level up for the extra help
and Porpoisepops forced to get the heck out of there.
pr0lly, smooth moves on the Zed.
That's the reason why I need you middle.
Yeah, I wanted to get my armor first so I could take control.
No, I mean, no matter we could...
pr0lly has made the Zed look easy.
It's just now impossible to stop them.
The Nexus goes down.
We're going to a game five
and look at compLexity's coach Kubz going nuts in the background.
Getting the crowd hyped. They're excited.
You ain't so bad!
pr0lly on the Zed--
You ain't so bad!
--was so impressive.
Yeah, just another successful game out of compLexity.
They look like they've figured out this challenger team.
That's exactly right and Porpoisepops was pretty non-factor.
I made a mistake. That cost us the game.
You ok?
Porpoise wasn't in a position to be able to do what Nunus need to do.
I didn't expect like us to being able to be ganked that's all.
It's like I thought I could just buy it and get more.
I mean, there's a reason why I call you. Cause I need you...
He didn't have the best early game on that Nunu.
And it just fell behind and out of control from there.
We don't always have to sit back,
especially in the early game. We just need to win.
It all comes down to this fifth and final game.
There is no way we're going to get into the LCS if we don't win now.
Team 8 so desperate to get in this LCS even though it's looking very dire.
In fifth place is Nina, with Sailor Moon...
Are you here?
I get anxious waiting for the results.
We didn't see the other performances,
so we don't know what to expect.
"Was I worse than them?"
"Was I better than them?"
In second place was Leon
and his Draven cosplay.
And in first place is Jackie with League of Legends' Ahri.
There is your trophy over there.
It happens.
Let's give our Cosplay Contest competitors a round of applause.
Don't get like tilted right now.
Just treat this as like that's a one.
One more game.
Welcome back to the 2015 Spring Promotion Tournament.
CompLexity and Team 8 have gone the distance.
It's all tied up at two games apiece.
This next game with determine who will earn a spot
in the 2015 North American LCS Spring Split.
The game begins and you are so focused you just see everything.
Keeping pr0lly down is key to making sure
that their team plots and picks are successful.
We're giving it everything we have or we're going to go home empty handed
and everything we've worked for is gone.
-There's the paranoia. -Oh, he blocked it.
Alright. He's really low. He's really low.
Wow. Pr0lly throws mechanics using his ultimate
to block the complete Syndra ultimate.
These teams are so close.
You do have Team 8. Going for an early dragon.
Porpoisepops secures it.
-Okay, run run run run. -Just get out.
-Yeah, just run, just run, just run. -He's going to be ok as well.
-Good job. -Here's the team bringing out the box.
Bubbadub gets taken down solo, but Kez gets obliterated.
Team 8 with an easy two kills.
This is what we've been working for.
Forget everything that's happened today and just rely on each other.
Go, go, go. Go, go, go.
...just under two minutes. ... instantly gets stuck as well.
-Zed. Zed. Zed. -That's on me ...
Team 8, such coordination.
Just yelling commands.
What an amazing team fight.
-Nobody can stop us. -I can catch up to him to.
Gonna veer on him. Gonna veer on him.
Pr0lly forced to use that flash
but the rest of Team 8 come around from behind.
-Get him, get him boys. -We were like a new team.
This is the Team 8 that we saw in the first two games.
-Block this. -10 seconds.
Be really careful how we do this.
This is Team 8 team-like prowess coming through huge.
That was insane.
End of game, end of game.
Team 8 gets into the LCS through some incredible team play.
It's over.
Man, that last game so, so good.
The thing I love about Team 8 is they're at their best when they're as a team.
Going through that and actually winning...
This changes everything.
I'm here with Porpoisepops and Maplestreet of a victorious Team 8.
Tell me how that feels.
We're all Red Bulled up. We were all having those sugar crashes.
It doesn't really hit you until you cool down a bit.
We all worked our asses off to get here.
To make something out of what was started as a hobby,
but... to be, to be brothers and
...to make it.
Doing League of Legends cosplay is incredible.
It seems like everyone in the world knows you.
Lulu, you are beautiful, Lulu!
I don't want to stop in 10 years...
I want to take this audience that I have gathered
and open my own store.
That's my plan.
My big dream
is to build several League of Legends robots
and have them compete.
That's my big project.
For Team 8 that's it's all about ambition.
Disneyland. Let's go. Disneyland.
We want to get to Worlds sooner or later.
We don't expect it to be our first season,
but we want to push until we get there.
I'm still just learning this game.
It suits me right now to fish.
It's kind of like means to an end at the moment.
I plan now to like fish while I can and gather some money to go out and study.
But there's a purpose for it. There's a purpose for it.
You have to work for things in life.
Gaming for me is about taking myself somewhere
where I am free of my earthly concerns
and I don't think that's going to change.
It's such a liberating feeling to know that there are others out there like you.
Millions of people like this thing too.
And even though we don't speak the same language,
we grew up completely differently, we have something to talk about.
Even though you're from Japan and I'm from Cairo
and he's from São Paulo, we're all one big family.
League of Legends


英雄遊戲人生 (Live / Play)

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