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  • I said it. I said it right there.

  • I was like, "You a woman."

  • - Mm-hmm. - "I'm a man."

  • - Mm-hmm. - There's a difference--

  • Oh, what?

  • They bumpin' niggas up in here.

  • Here it is. It's going off.

  • Yo! Hey!

  • Which one of y'all motherfuckers...

  • bumped me?

  • I did.

  • What the fuck you gonna do about it?

  • What's up?

  • Oh, I'll tell you what I'ma do about it!

  • You don't want to do this today.

  • Ooh, yeah. Yeah, what?

  • You lucky my friend's holding me.

  • You lucky, 'cause I'll tear your head off!

  • Don't hold me back, dude! Don't hold me back!

  • Oh, okay. Then go for it.

  • See, I know, though,

  • if I were to lunge at you right now,

  • my friend right here-- he'd catch me

  • at the last possible second--

  • No, no, no, I won't.

  • But my friend does have the cognizance

  • to tell me I don't need to be going up

  • and committing capital murder up in a club tonight.

  • Oh, no, just knock him unconscious, dog.

  • Bam!

  • You don't have to kill anybody.

  • I mean, no need for that. That's excessive.

  • Tear him up.

  • I will, but--

  • [stammering] Wait. Let me finish my sentence.

  • I will, uh...

  • Oh!

  • Oh, snap. You know what?

  • You lucky my boy's using his telekinetic powers

  • to hold me back right now.

  • No, I'm not.

  • Well, maybe it's the type of telekinesis

  • that's a mutant power that you didn't realize you had

  • until the moment it--

  • Oh, oh!

  • I got it. I see, I see.

  • So you want me to hold you back.

  • Nigga...

  • [screaming]

  • I'm a dragon.

  • Oh, yeah, I want to rip this.

  • I'm a lion. I'm a tiger over here.

  • I'm a bear. Oh, my.

  • I'll go crazy on you.

  • Oh, I can't believe it.

  • The man--he's like a tornado up in here.

  • Don't hold me back.

  • I can't even believe I can hold him back.

  • Do it, man!

  • I can't believe I'm this strong!

  • Let me go! Let me go!

  • I'm one-arming it. I can't believe I'm this strong.

  • Let me go!

  • I'ma hold him back with one finger.

  • He's like a little baby. He can't get past me.

  • He's like a little--Ow! What?

  • - I'm a little baby? - I'm holding you back, man!

  • - You're stupid, man! - I know.

  • I got carried away. I apologize.

  • What you mean you got carried away?

  • You told me to hold you back. I was holding you back.

  • What do you want me to do?

  • In a fight situation, no means no,

  • and yes means yes.

  • How would I have known that?

  • Oh, wait. Come on, man, ow.

  • Come on, that hurt.

  • And you holding me back now?

  • Thank you very much for that.

  • Okay, well, just at least change it up.

I said it. I said it right there.


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A2 初級 美國腔

未刪減 - 關鍵和皮爾 - 抱我回來了 (Uncensored - Key & Peele - Hold Me Back)

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