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  • Were all told to work hard in school, so that we can get into the best colleges or universities, and be successful.


  • But, does the school you choose actually matter?


  • Take a look at these SAT scores for an average school - which are out of 800, by the way.

    來看看這個由八百位一般大學生統計的 SAT 成績吧。

  • Those that have the highest SAT scores end up representing over 50% of the people who get degrees at these schools,

    分數在前三分之一的學生最後有超過 50% 的比例成功拿到了學位,

  • while the lowest SAT scores only represent around 18% of the people who actually graduate. Not so surprising.

    而成績在後三分之一的學生只有 18% 成功畢業。聽起來好像也不那麼讓人意外。

  • But now let’s look at a top school, like Harvard.


  • Here, the students with the lowest SAT scores, are still smarter than the best students at an average school.

    可以看到,即使是在這裡 SAT 成績最差的學生,表現還是優於一般學校中最好的學生。

  • And yet, when we look at their rate of completion, it looks awfully similar.


  • The top students represent just over 50% of people who graduate, while the lower SAT scores represent around 15% of people who actually graduate.

    頂尖學生能成功畢業的比例略高於 50%,而 SAT 成績墊底的同學大約有 15% 成功拿到了畢業證書。

  • Wait, what’s going on here?


  • This phenomenon is known as the Big Fish - Little Pond Effect.


  • Simply put, we compare ourselves not globally, but to our neighbors or people who are in the same boat as we are.


  • As a result, students at top schools compare themselves to their brilliant peers, and if youre in the bottom half of your class, youre likely to have feelings of inadequacy.


  • Even though compared to the rest of the world you are at the top!


  • Who do you think has a higher incidence of suicide?


  • People who live in developed countries that declare themselves as very happy, like Switzerland, Denmark and Canada, or those which describe themselves as unhappy, like Italy, Greece, and Spain?


  • The happy countries.


  • If youre depressed but everyone around you is also unhappy, you may think of yourself as normal, as opposed to being stuck around people who are happier than you.


  • Similarly, if youre very intelligent at an elite school, you may end up being a little fish in a very big pond.


  • And feeling as though youre at the bottom impacts your confidence and ultimately your motivation.


  • Need more statistics?


  • 50% of US students in STEM programs drop out in the first or second year of school.

    在美國就讀理工科的大學生們,有 50% 的學生在第一年或第二年就輟學了。

  • But for every 10 point decrease in the school’s average SAT score, degree completion rises by 2%!

    但隨著學校入學的平均 SAT 分數每降低十分,成功完成學位的比例就會隨即跟著上升 2%!

  • Meaning, youre much more likely to even get your degree if you don’t go to your top pick.


  • Okay, but who ends up being more successful in the real world?


  • A study looking at publications produced by economists in their first six years after graduation showed that top students in the 99th percentile,

    一項研究調查了經濟學家們在畢業後前六年發表的文章數量,結果顯示在美國前五大名校中百分等級 99 的頂尖學生,

  • i.e. smarter than almost every other person at the school, from the top 5 schools in America were producing an impressive amount of publications.


  • But those in the 75th percentile, still the top quarter of best students, are publishing next to nothing.

    但是那些仍然在前四分之一,百分等級 75 的學生,卻幾乎沒有任何文章發表。

  • Essentially failures in their field.


  • But if we now look at the best students from the 30 worst schools, we see that theyre publishing more than those in the top quarter of the best schools in the country!

    但是如果我們看看在排名倒數的 30 間學校中最優秀學生的表現,我們發現他們出版了比頂尖學校前四分之一學生還要多的文章!

  • Clearly, your surroundings and peers matter.


  • Now, of course, this doesn’t cover every aspect of going to a top ranked school, including the fact that having a degree from one of them can be a badge of honor, and may help you find a job more easily.


  • But, that’s if you ever even graduate.


  • So when youre applying for school, or even at your new college, keep in mind that whether you go to the best or worst school, the formula for success is mixed.


  • Remember the importance of confidence in your abilities, and how being a Big Fish in a little pond can sometimes be more important than your school itself.


  • If youre worried about doing your best at school, you can check out our previous video on the 9 best scientific study tips with link in the description.


  • And subscribe for more weekly science videos!


Were all told to work hard in school, so that we can get into the best colleges or universities, and be successful.


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