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  • Hi I’m Craig, my grandmother was half mosquito, and this is Mental Floss on YouTube.

    嗨,我是克雷格,我的祖母是半個印地安人(音同蚊子),這裡是「 Mental Floss」的頻道。

  • Today, I’m going to answer locked-up time lady’s BIG question.


  • " Why do mosquitoes prefer biting some people to others? "


  • " Is there something we can avoid doing or do besides using repellent like eat bananas?"


  • Well, time lady, youre right that mosquitoes have preferences.


  • 10-20% of people happen to get bit more than others.

    有 10-20% 的人確實比其他人更容易被叮。

  • And there are a few possible reasons for this, which I’m going to tell you about today.


  • Let’s get started!


  • Experts estimate that around 85% of the reason that mosquitoes prefer YOU is genetic, so youre pretty much born with it.

    專家估計,約 85% 的原因在於「你」的基因,所以這幾乎是天註定的。

  • It's not your good looks, sorry about that.


  • Mosquitoes will especially come after you if you have the perfect combination of genetics and scent.


  • Bon appétit.


  • There’s also stuff on your skin that attracts them.


  • Youll probably suffer more bites if you happen to produce more lactic acid, which comes from your sweat glands.


  • And in 1999, it was observed that mosquitoes who carry malaria are most attracted to sweat that had been sitting on skin for a day or two, rather than fresh sweat.

    在 1999 年,就發現皮膚上有殘留一至兩天汗液的人,會比剛出汗的皮膚更容易吸引瘧疾病媒蚊。

  • Theyll also prefer you if you have more of THESE bacteria living on your skin.


  • People who have more of THESE will have less mosquitoes to worry about.


  • Blood type might have something to do with it, too.


  • A 2004 study found that mosquitoes were twice as likely to land on people who were Type O rather than Type B.

    一項 2004 年的研究發現,蚊子停在 O 型的人身上的機率,是 B 型人的兩倍。

  • Boy, it would SUCK to be part of that study.


  • Type A was even less popular than Type B.

    A 型血也沒有 B 型來的受蚊子歡迎。

  • Plus, around 85% of us have a chemical on our skin that reveals our blood type.

    此外,約 85% 人類的皮膚上擁有某種可以判斷血型的化學物質。

  • Mosquitoes go after those 85% of people more than the 15% who don’t secrete the chemical.

    蚊子也傾向叮有分泌化學物質的人那 85% 的人,而非那 15%。

  • People who produce more carbon dioxide when they exhale are also more likely to get bit.


  • A mosquito can smell this, so itll go after them.


  • Larger people and pregnant women suffer most for this.


  • Another interesting group that happens to get bit more often is beer-drinkers.


  • This might be related to carbon dioxide production as well -- people tend to breathe harder after drinking a beer.


  • Or, they might be a little warmer and nicer to land on.


  • In your question, you mentioned that eating bananas might help get the mosquitoes go away.


  • That’s actually a myth.


  • Vitamin B-12 won’t work either.

    維他命 B-12 也一樣沒有效用。

  • Experts pretty much recommend your standard old fashioned bug spray.


  • But, some work better than others.


  • Ideally, you should use an insect repellent with around 24% of the chemical DEET.

    理論上來說,你應該使用有 24% 防蚊胺的防蚊液。

  • As usual, it's all in the DEETails. I'm sorry, I'm really sorry about that.


  • Thanks for watching Mental Floss on YouTube, made with the help of these lovely skeeters.

    感謝收看「Mental Floss」頻道,由可愛的工作人員提供協助與製作。

  • If you have a question of your own, leave it in the comments below.


  • See you next week!


Hi I’m Craig, my grandmother was half mosquito, and this is Mental Floss on YouTube.

嗨,我是克雷格,我的祖母是半個印地安人(音同蚊子),這裡是「 Mental Floss」的頻道。

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【生活小常識】為什麼蚊子會選擇性叮人? (Why do mosquitoes prefer biting some people to others? - Big Questions - (Ep. 26))

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