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  • Bored of same old boil egg?


  • Within a few steps

    簡單幾個黑魔法步驟, 來試試看做出皮蛋吧!

  • and let the black magic impress all you friends

    歡迎來到 Kao can Cook (靠..下廚)

  • and welcome to Kao can Cook (Taiwanese Kitchen)

    Wiki說 皮蛋已經在中國有600多年歷史

  • The century eggs has been around for 600 years from China since Ming Dynaster (wikip-)

    從明朝開始又有人用碎木削,鹽,陶土 來製作

  • It was made with salt and wood ashes


  • this is how we preserved the eggs like English has pickled eggs

    還有 皮蛋不是馬尿泡出來的 謝謝!

  • and No, we do not soak it in horse piss

    今天有我的好朋友Nathan 加入

  • I am joint force with artist...Nathan Birchenough, to get the egg right

    科學家,藝術家,吃素家 跟我一起做藝術的BBKP工作室

  • Artist member of BBKP (artist group)


  • The task is simple, turn white duck eggs into black duck eggs

    其實任務蠻簡單的 ,就是讓白鴨蛋變成黑皮蛋!

  • We are going to keep the duck eggs marinate in food safe alkaline mixture

    我們要把鴨蛋放入 可食用的鹼性液體

  • Let sodium hydroxide, salt, water do its magic for 15 days

    氫氧化鈉 ,鹽 ,水 ,讓他 泡約15天

  • (sorry, should spell like "bowl ")

    (一次做很多)你可以有 12-18顆鴨蛋

  • warm the water so dissolves better


  • So, what this mixture become

    鹽140 g

  • I dont think there is a chemical reaction

    氫氧化鈉 99% (興奮)

  • What I do know about the chemistry of this is that

    碗(拼Bowl), 秤重天平

  • when you dissolve a sodium compound like this it stops being a sodium hydroxide crystal

    礦泉水 (盡量是有過濾過的水)

  • and it becomes free ions of sodium and hydroxide and chloride


  • Free ions of hydroxide which are liberated by dissolving it which actually enter the egg

    加熱爐 (認何方法加熱都可以)

  • and then somehow they become part of the molecules inside the egg


  • when did you first time had it (century egg)


  • I had it when (Craig) Kao cooked it


  • Deep fried it

    開始熱下礦泉水,所以可以把 鹽 氫氧化鈉 溶解

  • I am no long a century egg virgin

    手套 保護鏡 戴上

  • deep fried the egg with Taiwanese 3-cup sauce

    80 公克的 氫氧化鈉

  • feel the heat carefully


  • do it carefully


  • we do not want to cook the egg with hot water


  • We take it out after 15 days

    這些加起來會變成甚麼? (誠徵化學底下人解謎)

  • put them in cling film, and keep it for another 15 days


  • than after that , take cling film off


  • take eggs out, wrap in cling film

    把鹼加進去 蛋白質會帶有很多電荷

  • A quick taste,


  • We get a thumb up! (chokkke)


  • Feel like a change, and do something little different?

    "所以就會形成鏈狀的纖維結構 使皮蛋變成透明 "- 感謝Dr Nash Wang

  • Give this a try


  • This is certainly a novelty dish


  • Thank you for watching, please share your thought


  • and leave your comment below

    對 油炸的! 我當時還是個皮蛋在世男

  • I love to hear from you, see you next time , bye

    Kao 做了三杯皮蛋

Bored of same old boil egg?



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B1 中級 中文 放入 化學 手套 保鮮膜 蛋白質 慢慢

高能煮 - 蛋的黑暗面,在BBKP工作室做世紀蛋 by 簡單在家做皮蛋。 (Kao Can Cook - Dark Side of the Eggs, Make Century Eggs in BBKP Studio by 簡單在家做皮蛋)

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