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Sport teaches us.
When we train, it teaches us to dream.
When we struggle, it teaches us determination.
When we win, it teaches us joy.
And if we lose, sport teaches us
the will to try again.
Sport teaches us who we really are.
Who can benefit most from this lesson?
Those of us who are told most frequently
that we can’t.
Those of us who are labeled
most often by others.
Those of us who are judged most unfairly
and told that we are this or that.
Sport teaches people who they really are
and we teach people sport.
We’re Special Olympics.
Founded by Eunice Kennedy Shriver in 1968,
we provide millions of athletes
with intellectual disabilities
in more than 170 countries
the opportunity to experience
all the empowering benefits of sport,
with over 44,000 competitions a year
and World Games every two years.
And though it all starts with sports,
Special Olympics is much more.
We’re a network of families who share
information, understanding and support.
We’re Special Olympics Healthy Athletes,
the largest provider of free health services
for people with intellectual disabilities.
We’re volunteers and builders of communities,
reaching and helping people who would
otherwise be forgotten in some of the most
neglected areas of the world.
We’re bridge builders, helping to forge
relationships and acceptance
between our athletes and young people
without intellectual disabilities,
teaching them to become leaders
in their own right.
We’re champions and advocates for learning,
research and policy changes across the globe.
Most importantly, we’re also a catalyst
for social change.
Because once you see what our athletes
are capable of,
you start to lose your preconceptions.
So sport teaches people who they really are
and we teach people sports,
but in the end,
it’s really they who teach us all.
Special Olympics.
Be a fan.


運動對我們有太多好處了!(Sport Teaches Us)

2102 分類 收藏
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