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  • In August 2015, Russia reportedly destroyed 300 tons of food from nations which had imposed

  • sanctions on them. These actions have served as an affront to Western countries like the

  • United States, which has spent much of the last century locked in battle with the Soviets.

  • A 2015 poll found that more than 80% of Russians have negative opinions about the United States,

  • compared to 34% in 2012. So, why does Russia hate the United States?

  • Well, since the Russian Revolution of 1917, when the US supported the anti-Communist side,

  • Russia and the US have been in a fairly constant state of tension. Numerous territorial encroachments,

  • proxy wars, and alternating alliances have set the stage for both countries to fear each

  • other’s imperialist goals. In recent years, Russian President, Vladimir Putin has called

  • the United States a “parasite," living off the global economy. Throughout Russia, Americans

  • are given the nickname, “pindos," that suggests they are heavily armed and surrounded by technology,

  • but weak and ineffectual without it.

  • This break in relations can in part be attributed to the US’s push for sanctions following

  • Russia’s annexation of Crimea. A number of problems with Russia’s economy, including

  • the collapse of their currency, and their inability to borrow money, are the result

  • of US involvement. Amongst Russian citizens, prices for food and basic goods have dramatically

  • increased. Last year Russia’s economy grew barely half a percent, compared to 4.5% in

  • 2010.

  • Russia is also majorly unhappy with the buildup of NATO forces throughout Eastern Europe following

  • the collapse of the Soviet Union. They see the increase in military bases and personnel

  • as a method of keeping Russia subjugated.

  • There is a considerable amount of propaganda coming from both Russian state-controlled

  • media sources, and long-held conspiratorial beliefs about the United States. Many Russians

  • believe that the events of 9/11 were planned by the US government in order to invade the

  • Middle East. Roughly 40% of Russians don’t believe that the US ever landed on the moon.

  • Analysts have also said that Russian hatred of the United States is calculated to strengthen

  • Russian foreign policy. In situations like the 2008 South Ossetia war, Russia accused

  • the US of supporting the genocide of Ossetians. However, numerous reports claim that Russia

  • started the conflict themselves. During the 2013 Euromaidan protests in Ukraine, Russian

  • counterprotesters claimed that the demonstrations were orchestrated by American forces.

  • As a direct representation of East meets West ideological and political disagreements, the

  • US and Russia are both vying for greater influence. This divide has made Russia an even more vilified

  • figure around the world than the US. A recent Pew poll found that nearly every country had

  • very low confidence in Vladimir Putin, with most negative ratings passing 75%. Even in

  • the Middle East, President Barack Obama polled with a higher favorability than Putin. So

  • why does Russia hate the US? A mix of historical tension, political rivalry, culture clash,

  • sanctions, and heavy propaganda have all made for an extremely hostile situation.

  • Russia is one of many volatile areas in the world. If youre interested in seeing on

  • the ground reporting from conflicts and crisis around the world, check out my channel with

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In August 2015, Russia reportedly destroyed 300 tons of food from nations which had imposed


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俄羅斯為什麼恨美國? (Why Does Russia Hate The United States?)

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