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  • Green beans are one of the most nutritious green leafy vegetables

    綠豆是最有營養1 綠葉蔬菜

  • Here are top 10 benefits of green beans


  • Fiber content in green beans help in prevention of constipation. It also helps to maintain

    在綠豆纖維含量有助於預防 便秘。它也有助於保持

  • healthy Cholesterol and sugar levels in the body.

    在健康的膽固醇和血糖水平 身體。

  • French green beans are very low in calories it also contains low amounts of Sodium and

    法國青刀豆非常低熱量 還含有少量的鈉和

  • saturated fat.


  • Vitamin K is very useful for pregnant women as the chances of neural tube defects.

    維生素K是對孕婦非常有用 作為神經管缺陷的機會。

  • Vitamin C is a great source of antioxidants which works well in cutting down free radical

    維生素C是抗氧化劑的重要來源 這在削減效果很好自由基

  • reactions.


  • Green beans are good source of Folates which are useful for cell division and DNA synthesis.

    綠豆是葉酸的良好來源, 對細胞分裂和DNA合成有用的。

  • Folate rich foods are also helpful in pregnancy.


  • Vitamin A in green beans helps in providing antioxidants and also generating compounds

    在綠豆維生素A有助於提供 抗氧化劑,也產生化合物

  • that prevent the process of ageing.


  • Manganese content in green beans tends to keep you fit and healthy.

    在綠豆錳含量趨於 讓你身體健康。

  • Vitamins present in green beans are a good source of nutrients that help to prevent many

    出現在綠豆維生素是一個很好的 源營養物質,有助於預防多種

  • infections in the body.


  • Potassium content in green beans helps the body to maintain better cell production and

    在綠豆鉀含量幫助 身體保持更好的電池生產和

  • body fluid movement.


  • Potassium content in green beans also helps in controlling blood pressure and other heart

    在綠豆鉀含量也幫助 在控制血壓和其他心臟

  • related diseases.


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Green beans are one of the most nutritious green leafy vegetables

綠豆是最有營養1 綠葉蔬菜


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B2 中高級 中文 綠豆 維生素 含量 氧化劑 預防 營養

綠豆的10大健康功效 (10 Amazing Health Benefits of Green Beans)

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