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  • For the past few centuries, relations between the United Kingdom and Argentina have been

  • pretty shaky. The heart of their dispute lies in a tiny archipelago, some 300 miles from

  • the coast of Argentina, called the Falkland Islands. Their struggle stems from the question

  • of who actually owns the islands. So what’s the whole story? Why do the UK and Argentina

  • hate each other?

  • Well, the history is a little complicated. But simply put, the first person to actually

  • claim the Islands was an English sailor named John Strong in 1690. While both Spain and

  • France made various claims on the Islands, the British ultimately maintained their jurisdiction.

  • Argentina didn’t become a part of the equation until 1820 when an American mercenary landed

  • on the Falkland Islands and declared them for what is now Argentina. About 9 years later,

  • Argentina gave the islands away as payment for a debt, a move that prompted the UK to

  • send a ship in 1833 to reestablish the British flag. It was met with little resistance, as

  • the Argentine commander was heavily outnumbered.

  • For nearly the next 150 years, the British controlled the Islands while Argentina continued

  • to dispute their sovereignty. After increasing tensions between the two countries, as well

  • as an economic collapse and military regime change in Argentina, the Argentine military

  • invaded the Falkland Islands in 1982. They assumed the British would not respond with

  • force. They were wrong. Within weeks, the British mounted an assault to retake the Islands,

  • while most of the European Community backed the UK and imposed sanctions on Argentina.

  • After three months of intense fighting, the British reconquered the Falkland Islands,

  • and expelled all Argentine forces from the area.

  • In the years following, the British ramped up their military presence on the islands,

  • granted all residents full British Citizenship, and gave the Islands full self-governance

  • as a British dependency. But in 2006, Argentina began claiming sovereignty again in an attempt

  • to secure fishing and petroleum rights. In 2009, Argentina made a territory claim to

  • the UN concerning an area including the Falklands, which the UK denied as being legitimate. The

  • following year, in 2010, Argentina demanded that any ships that wanted to go to the Falkland

  • Islands would have to seek a permit from the Argentine government. Both the British and

  • Falklands government ignored this demand. Finally, in 2013, Falkland Islanders voted

  • in a referendum on whether the territory would stay British. With nearly every single Island

  • resident voting to remain a British territory, it would seem that the question of sovereignty

  • was solved. But in response, the Argentine government said that the referendum had quote

  • no value”, since the population of the Islands wasimplantedby the British.

  • Despite some pretty good reasons as to why the UK should hold dominion over the Islands,

  • Argentina has argued that because the islands are closer to them than to Britain, Argentina

  • should have control over them. This argument has widely been called ridiculous.

  • To learn more about tense relations between other countries, check out our playlist now,

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For the past few centuries, relations between the United Kingdom and Argentina have been


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英國和阿根廷為什麼互相仇視? (Why Do The UK And Argentina Hate Each Other?)

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