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What's up guys?
Have you guys ever noticed that your Asian parents do things a little bit differently around the house than your non-Asian friend's parents?
Here's a few weird things that we noticed our Asian parents did around the house.
Especially our moms.
Cause that's mostly who was around the house.
Dad was always at work.
Here's the list of weird things that our parents did.
Every time they go on vacation, they would always come back with a bag full of little shampoo bottles.
Taking a shower!
Wait! I have new shampoo!
Caesar Palace. Take one!
Asian moms never use the dishwasher.
Dishwasher? Only a dishwasher.
You're just a shelf.
Asian moms never throw away plastic bags.
Mom, can you give me a plastic bag, please?
Here! Good bag.
Asian moms never have to say please to get their kids to do something.
Jimmy, can you make your bed, please?
Cody, can you please take out the garbage? Thank you very much!
Tyler, don't play with your food, please.
Wow, I wonder what it's like to be talked to that way by your parents.
Okay, thank you very much! You have a nice day, okay? Okay, bye bye!
Andrew, take out the trash!
Asian moms use chopsticks for everything, even if there's better utensils around.
Asian moms don't use oven to bake things.
They use it to hold pots and pans.
Mom, are you baking cookies?
No, that's just pots and pans...
Asian moms love reusing paper towels as long as they're not really dirty.
No! Don't waste! Use these paper towels.
To Asian moms, there's no such thing as turning up the heat in the house.
What's a thermostat?
Hey mom, it's cold.
Yeah, can you turn the heat on?
No! Don't waste money. Just wear more jackets!
And last but not least, Asian moms love keeping things looking as new as possible, even if that means keeping the little plastic wrapper on.
Aiya! No, no, no, no, no.
Keep it new!
Thanks for watching this video.
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超有感觸!你的父母一定也會做的事!(THINGS ASIAN PARENTS DO)

96798 分類 收藏
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