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  • On the evening of February 20, 2002, the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra performed to a different

  • kind of crowd. They weren’t there to hear Mozart, or Brahms, or Sibelius, or Holst.

  • They were there to hear Final Fantasy. Judging from the reaction - and subsequent world tours,

  • playing everywhere from the Sydney Opera House to the Royal Albert Hall - the world was ready

  • to take the music of this new, emerging media seriously, with Final Fantasy’s Nobuo Uematsu

  • leading the vanguard. But for all the celebration his compositions received, they were never

  • featured in an actual rhythm/music game. Until now: Behold, Elite Beat Dissidia - erm, I

  • mean, Theatrhythm Final Fantasy.

  • Youve got 39 songs available at the start of the game, three for each of the 13 primary

  • games. Yes, FFXIV still can’t catch a break. In the Series mode, each batch of three includes

  • one field track, one battle track, and one event track, bookended by opening and closing

  • themes. And while their displays are wildly different, the entire game boils down to three

  • rudiments: Poke red notes, hold green notes, and slide in the direction of arrows. Field

  • tracks see your team traversing a familiar series backdrop, occasionally sliding your

  • target up and down to follow held notes, and trying to cover the greatest distance in search

  • of moogles bearing gifts. Battles break the incoming notes into four lines, though your

  • inputs are the same regardless; quality play here lets you fire spells and techniques at

  • your enemies, in attempts to cut them down and score some item drops. Finally, event

  • tracks play video footage of memorable Final Fantasy moments behind a linear - but omnidirectional

  • - cursor.

  • Once you clear songs in the Series mode, they become available in Challenge, which lets

  • you pick individual songs to play in one of three difficulty levels - Basic, Expert, and

  • Ultimate. And if these charts weren’t enough, you can go down to the Chaos Shrine for alternate

  • versions of most of the available tracks, offered in Field/Battle pairs that often yield

  • crystal shards needed to unlock the rest of the 29-member cast, as well as collectable

  • cards for the sake of... well, collecting. In total, there’s 55 playable tracks - 80

  • if you count the intro and outro pieces for the Series versions, and even more if you

  • don’t mind dropping a buck a track on DLC. Yes, 3DS DLC. I came close to complaining,

  • but then I saw that Cosmo Canyon was available, and... well, Cosmo Canyon. DLC aside, my only

  • real gripe with the game is that the sound often overpowers the 3DS speakers... but with

  • a decent set of headphones, that issue is alleviated. My only fake gripe is that now

  • I have the urge to re-play ALL OF THE FINAL FANTASIES. ALL OF THEM.

On the evening of February 20, 2002, the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra performed to a different


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