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  • Hi everyone, Scott Lewis here for Wirefly. Today I’m here to bring you a cell phone

    大家好,我是Scott Lewis,這裡是Wirefly。今天我給大家帶來的是一款手機。

  • smack down between two of the hottest phones in the courtroom and out of the courtroom.


  • Today we have the Samsung Galaxy S III versus iPhone’s brand new iPhone 5. I don’t think

    今天我們就來看看三星Galaxy S III與iPhone全新的iPhone 5的對比。我不認為

  • Apple liked it when the Galaxy S III broke its sales records, although the iPhone 5 is

    當Galaxy S III打破銷售記錄時,蘋果很喜歡,雖然iPhone 5是

  • selling quite well right now. These are absolutely the two biggest heavyweights in the cell phone


  • industry right now. Let’s go and talk about the design of these


  • two great phones. In my opinion, it looks like Samsung and Apple went two different


  • ways when they were designing their phone. During the Apple conference, Apple kept talking


  • about the single thumb texting and navigation of their iPhone 5, where Samsung has a little

    關於他們的iPhone 5的單拇指簡訊和導航,三星在這裡有一個小

  • bit larger display. It has a 4.8 inch display, versus the 4 inch display. To me that says,


  • Samsung is designing a phone that theyre going for maximum size of screen, and theyre


  • okay with having two different hands navigating the phone. It’s a little different than


  • Apple’s theory about having it nice and slim so that you can use one hand to navigate


  • through the phone. They both have very solid pixel densities


  • and very solid displays. They are a little bit different displays; the Super AMOLED display

    和非常堅固的顯示屏。它們是有點不同的顯示器;Super AMOLED顯示器的。

  • in the Samsung has a screen resolution of 720 x 1280, versus the iPhone 5’s 640 x

    中,三星的螢幕分辨率為720×1280,而iPhone 5的640×。

  • 1136 screen resolution. The iPhone 5 is using the Apple’s retina

    1136的螢幕分辨率。iPhone 5採用的是蘋果的視網膜?

  • display with an overall pixel density of 326 pixels per inch; the Galaxy III has 306 pixels

    顯示屏,整體像素密度為326像素/英寸;Galaxy III為306像素。

  • per inch. As you may have already heard, and kind of the reason they call it a retina display,


  • is anything over around 300 pixels per inch, the human eye can’t really tell any difference.


  • Looking at pixel density, youre really not going to notice the difference between


  • the Galaxy S III or the iPhone 5. What you can tell the difference of is the Super AMOLED

    Galaxy S III或iPhone 5。你可以看出區別的是Super AMOLED

  • display versus the LCD display. The Super AMOLED display is going to have a little richer

    顯示器與液晶顯示器的對比。Super AMOLED顯示屏的顯示效果會更豐富一些。

  • tone to it, but youll see an the LCD is going to have a little bit truer color. It’s


  • almost like the Super AMOLED display enhances the colors a little bit, or if you want true

    幾乎就像Super AMOLED顯示屏增強了一點顏色,或者如果你想要真正的

  • color, it’s going to be more realistic on the LCD display.


  • Let’s go ahead and compare the phones side by side and take a look at some different


  • height and thicknesses. The iPhone 5 has a thickness of 7.6 millimeters, while the Galaxy

    高度和厚度。iPhone 5的厚度為7.6毫米,而Galaxy?

  • S III is 8.6 millimetersone full millimeter thicker on the Galaxy S III than the iPhone

    S III的厚度為8.6毫米--Galaxy S III比iPhone厚了整整一毫米。

  • 5. Well say that the curved design of the Galaxy S III makes it a little easier to hold

    5.我們要說的是,Galaxy S III的弧形設計讓它的握持更容易一些

  • in your hand than the very sharp corners of the iPhone 5. The curved design of the Galaxy

    比起iPhone 5的尖銳稜角,Galaxy的弧形設計讓你的手感更加舒適。弧形設計的Galaxy

  • S III gives it an elusive feel so you don’t notice that youre holding such a large

    S III給人一種難以捉摸的感覺,所以你不會注意到你拿著這麼大的東西。

  • phone. Overall weight on the two phones, the Galaxy S III is weighing at 4.7 ounces versus

    的手機。兩款手機的整體重量,Galaxy S III的重量為4.7盎司,而。

  • the iPhone 5 at 3.95 ounces. Some of that difference is going to be because of the battery;

    的iPhone 5在3.95盎司。這其中的一些差異要是因為電池的原因。

  • the iPhone 5 has a 1440 milliamp hour battery versus the Galaxy S III’s 2100 milliamp

    iPhone 5的電池容量為1440毫安時,而Galaxy S III為2100毫安時。

  • hour battery. Immediately you think the Galaxy S III is going to last longer because it has

    小時的電池。你馬上就會認為Galaxy S III的續航時間會更長,因為它有。

  • a bigger battery; but on my personal experience, an Android phone generally goes through battery


  • a little bit quicker than an Apple product. A lot of that has to do though with the added


  • benefits of the Android phone. Youll have widgets running in the background which constantly


  • communicate with the network, so it does go through battery a little bit quicker, but


  • it does have your information available for you with one touch. I really like widgets


  • on the Galaxy S III and all Android phones, so I think that’s a major plus for the Galaxy

    在Galaxy S III和所有安卓手機上,所以我認為這是Galaxy的一大優勢。

  • S III. Let’s go through a couple of tech specs


  • real quick on each phone. The Galaxy S III has a dual core 1.5 gigahertz Snapdragon S4

    真正快速的每一款手機上。Galaxy S III擁有雙核1.5千兆赫的驍龍S4。

  • processor while the new iPhone 5 has Apple’s A6 processor which is a dual-core processor

    處理器,而新的iPhone 5則採用了蘋果的A6處理器,這是一款雙核處理器。

  • at around 1 gigahert. The Galaxy S III has 2 gigabytes of processor RAM versus the 1

    在1吉赫特左右。Galaxy S III的處理器內存為2千兆字節,而Galaxy S III的處理器內存為1千兆字節。

  • gigabyte of processor RAM that the iPhone 5 has. For built in storage you have some

    gigabyte的處理器內存,iPhone 5有.對於內置的存儲,你有一些

  • options; the iPhone 5 you have a 16, 32 or 64 gigabyte option, while the Galaxy S III

    選項;iPhone 5 你有 16、32 或 64 千兆字節選項,而 Galaxy S III

  • has a 32 or 64 gigabyte option. Another great benefit for the Galaxy S III is the fact that

    有32或64千兆字節的選擇。Galaxy S III的另一大好處是

  • it has an option for additional storage. You can add up to a 64 gigabyte micro SD card


  • underneath the back battery cover. There’s enough spot to expand on board memory on the


  • iPhone 5 but it does have the iCloud option; and we also have Cloud based services; so

    iPhone 5,但它確實有iCloud選項;而且我們也有基於雲的服務;所以。

  • I really won’t consider any iCloud or Cloud based storage a benefit to either one because


  • theyre an option on both of them. Looking at both phones, they both have front


  • facing cameras. They have a 1.9 megapixel front facing camera on the Galaxy S III versus

    面攝像頭。他們在Galaxy S III上有一個190萬像素的前置攝像頭與

  • the 1.2 megapixel front facing camera on the iPhone 5. They both have 8 megapixel rear

    iPhone 5上的120萬像素前置攝像頭。他們都有800萬像素的後置

  • facing cameras with LED flash, that will also take video in true high definition. Theyll


  • both record in 1080p high definition at 30 frames per second. Both of these phones are


  • great for browsing the internet; so one of the main features of the Android phone over


  • an Apple product is the fact that you have Flash compatibility on the Galaxy S III. Both

    蘋果產品是你在Galaxy S III上有Flash兼容性的事實。兩個

  • of the phones will be fine running HTML and HTML 5 websites, but the iPhone 5 runs into

    的手機就可以運行HTML和HTML 5網站,但iPhone 5在運行時遇到了

  • a problem with anything that has Flash on it. It’s been a [00:04:51] for a while that


  • Apple won’t allow anything that plays Flash on their phone.


  • Weve seen some differences between these two phones on our smack down today, weve


  • also noticed that they are very similar in a lot of different ways in a lot of their


  • specs. Some of the specs of the Galaxy S III might

    的規格。Galaxy S III的部分規格可能是

  • be a little bit better, but the efficiency of the iPhone 5’s operating system allows

    是更好一點,但iPhone 5的作業系統的效率讓。

  • it to run just as fast. If I was going to call a winner today, I would call the Samsung


  • Galaxy S III the winner. I like the large 4.8 inch display; I like the Super AMOLED

    Galaxy S III的冠軍。我喜歡4.8英寸的大顯示屏;我喜歡Super AMOLED的顯示屏。

  • display better than the iPhone’s LCD retina display; I like having the option to add additional


  • onboard storage on the Galaxy S III; and I like the ability to watch flash video on the

    的板載存儲;我喜歡在Galaxy S III上觀看Flash視頻的功能。

  • Galaxy S III. But what the smack down really comes down

    Galaxy S III。但真正落到實處的是

  • to is do you like the Android operating system? Or do you like Apple’s iOS operating system?


  • In my opinion, the Android operating system, through the evolution of Gingerbread, Ice


  • Cream Sandwich, and now even when you get to Jellybean which is Android 4.1, youll


  • notice that it got a lot more user-friendly. It’s not exclusively for the tech geek anymore;


  • it’s very user-friendly. I really like the option to have widgets placed in your icons


  • and applications we like versus iPhone’s, automatically sorts and you can move them


  • around, but you can’t put one down here in an empty space because that’s where you


  • want it. It has to stay in line. I would love to hear what our YouTube viewers

    想要它。它必須保持一致。我很想聽聽我們的YouTube觀眾 I would love to hear what our YouTube viewers

  • have to say about our smack down today, are you a Samsung Galaxy S III Android person?

    不得不說我們今天的抨擊,你是三星Galaxy S III安卓的人嗎?

  • Or are you an Apple iOS person that really likes the new design of the iPhone 5? Please

    或者你是一個真正喜歡iPhone 5新設計的蘋果iOS用戶?請你

  • leave your comments here in our Wirefly YouTube channel but make sure to keep them appropriate.

    在我們的Wirefly YouTube頻道中留下您的評論,但一定要保持適當的評論。

  • If you have any questions on the Galaxy S III or the iPhone 5, youre more than welcome

    如果你有任何關於Galaxy S III或iPhone 5的問題,我們非常歡迎你。

  • to also leave those here in our Wirefly YouTube channel, and I’ll try and answer them for

    也可以在我們的Wirefly YouTube頻道上留言,我會盡力為他們解答。

  • you. My name’s Scott Lewis for Wirefly, thanks


  • for watching.


Hi everyone, Scott Lewis here for Wirefly. Today I’m here to bring you a cell phone

大家好,我是Scott Lewis,這裡是Wirefly。今天我給大家帶來的是一款手機。


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深度剖析:三星和蘋果到底哪個比較好用?(Samsung Galaxy S III vs. iPhone 5 Smartphone Schmackdown by Wirefly)

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