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I'm gonna tell you...
I'm pregnant!
what were you thinking?
why you have to... ummm... get another baby? you just have two!
So... why... why.... why do you....This is exasperating!
Exasperating? Amalya!
Because...because you just got two!
So,why do you wanna place.... why do you wanna get another baby?
and just replace one of your babies if there is too much?
oop...baby, we will never replace you and Amalya!
you just gonna have another brother or sister that you have to take care of or help to take care of!
that doesn't make no sense! this makes no sense!
why it don't making any sense, Tré?
because...if it makes sense then...
you just had two babies and you keep loving them forever not having another baby between us!
Amalya looks happy! Amalya, are you happy you get to have another brother or sister?
what kind of baby is that?
it... i don't know. might be a boy or might be a girl!
ohh... boy's crying is even worse.
how do you know?
I know... because...because when I saw a baby crying out of my school,
because i just heard the crying... and just like ehhh... this is even worse than Amalya's crying.
Well, Tré... I don't know what to tell you about the crying, you just got to get used to it ,okay?
Okay, and buy me some ear plugs too
buy you some ear plugs? okay!



54825 分類 收藏
Rose 發佈於 2015 年 9 月 5 日    Rose 翻譯    Charlene Tai 審核
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