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Nowadays I smoke about a pack a month
I smoke two packs a day
If I'm working both jobs at the same day then it could be like three or four.
If I'm drinking then like five or six.
I've been smoking since I was probably fifteen
I started smoking because I was in a play. My excuse was method acting but deep down I really wanted to just try smoking cigarettes.
I went to college and started drinking and just
had an occasional cigarette while drinking and it took me here
I know smoking's bad for me it's possible that I want to quit eventually
but it's a lot easier said than done
I've quit for a few times, couple weeks tops, and then ended up just buying a pack again
I hope to get scared out of smoking cigarettes and finally be able to fully quit.
I'm upset with myself that I have decided to pick up this habit and hopefully seeing the
physical changes to my face
it'll help me make a positive choice in my life to quit smoking
I don't think it'll change my mind but it's worth giving it a shot
Oh my god.
Oh shit. Oh wow.
I'm so old.
The craziest part about it is it doesn't look like I have makeup on. It just looks like I'm an old man.
Uh, that's awful
Lines around my lips will make my lipstick bleed, and I do like to wear lipstick.
The looseness of the skin gives it a very almost frail texture
Well my teeth are absolutely disgusting and taken back it's pretty bizarre
If this is what my outside appearance looks like just from smoking cigarettes,
then I can not even imagine what my insides look like.
It's kinda depressing. I am an old man
After this experience I definitely want to cut cigarettes out of my life completely
I don't to continue this anymore.
I'm going to reconsider smoking less or quitting
Try to make sure that my body ages naturally and not super advanced like this process shows
A lot of people say they only smoke when they're drinking alcohol and that's
exactly how I started doing it can turn into a habit that you do every day
I still kind of really want a cigarette which is how upsetting of a hold cigarettes can have on your life
it's not worth it



我一直都沒注意,原來抽菸對老化的影響這麼大 (How Does Smoking Affect Your Face?)

13060 分類 收藏
Charlene Tai 發佈於 2015 年 9 月 4 日    Charlene Tai 翻譯    Claire Chi 審核
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