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bjbj The Samsung Galaxy S4 has landed at Carphone Warehouse, and we couldn t wait to get our
hands on it and tell you, everything you need to know so Listen UP! If you are a Samsung
fan, you ll be please to know, the new Samsung Galaxy S4 has plenty of unique features to
make it stand out from its older brother S3 and if you are flirting with the idea of a
new phone the S4 should definitely make your decision even harder now. To start with the
Samsung Galaxy S4 is thinner and lighter than previous Samsung models. It also has a larger
battery and vastly improved screen, making it perfect for web surfing, video playback
and photos, The camera for example, can take two shots at once! One with the rear camera,
another with the front one. The dual camera also allows Dual Recording and Dual Video
Calls. Now, have you ever wonder what phones will be like in the future? Well, we can safely
say that with features like Air Gesture and Smart Pause, we no longer have to imagine!
The future is right here. s say for example you are cooking, or in the bath, and want
to change a playing track, Air Gesture will let you do that only with the wave of your
hand. And Smart Pause lets you control the screen on your phone with your eyes! Videos
will automatically pause once you look away and restart again when your eyes are back
on the screen! Impressive right? And these guys from Samsung really thought of everything!
They do know how important health and wellbeing is now days so they come up with S-Health.
S-Health automatically tracks your daily exercise, calorie intake and even your sleep patterns.
It s almost like having a Personal Trainer right there in our pocket. And there is even
more tech built into the S4! S-Translator, Watch On and S-Voice Drive are some of the
other impressive features we know everyone will want to get their hands on. Like what
you seen? Click here to Pre-order the Samsung Galaxy S4 now or visit us in store to find
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實測 Samsung Galaxy S4 - Full Review

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阿橘 發佈於 2013 年 4 月 16 日
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