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  • Hey Guys,

  • Thanks for checking out

  • My name is Mark but I sometimes go by Migration Mark.

  • After graduating from university in 2008, I decided to travel around the world and pursue

  • my passions.

  • Since then I've been slowly traveling from place to place learning cultural lessons,

  • eating as much local street food as possible and trying to make a little money from my

  • travel blog along the way.

  • Migrationology is not only about traveling around the world, but also about finding a

  • sustainable way to live your dreams and pursue your passions!

  • I am a lover of traveling around the world, and I am able to continue traveling by maintaining

  • a travel blog.

  • Are you ready to take on the Migration?

Hey Guys,


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如何環遊世界(即使預算很緊張 (How to Travel Around the World (Even on a Tight Budget))

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