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  • Don't look at me like that. I know what you're tryin' to do,

  • and you think I can be had, don't you?

  • Bible say, "No weapons formed against us shall prosper." Hallelujah.

  • [E.F.] Nobody moves that book. Nobody.

  • - Amen. - Well, I can move it.

  • - I can move it just as quick as you can. - No, sir.

  • [Woman] Glory.

  • Hallelujah.

  • Let's everybody say, "Nobody moves that book."

  • - Nobody moves that book. - Say it one more time.

  • - Nobody moves that book! - And a third time.

  • - Nobody moves that book! - And a fourth time.

  • - Nobody moves that book! - One more time!

  • - Nobody moves that book! - No, sir. Nobody.

  • [Whispering] Nobody moves it. Nobody.

  • [Whispering]

  • I know why you came here.

  • You didn't come here to knock my church down, did you?

  • You came for another reason, didn't you?

  • No, I came to knock your church down.

  • - No, sir. - Yes, sir, I did.

  • Well, you ain't gonna knock it down. I want you to know that.

  • [Elmo Whispering] Folks, I'm just havin' a hard time.

  • Let me see if I can position myself where I can hear a little better.

  • And there it is. Yes.

  • I didn't come to knock your church down.

  • Yes, sir. I know.

  • I know. That's why I'm kneelin' with you.

  • I'll pray with you if you want me to. I'll even cry.

  • I'll do anything you want me to do with you...

  • 'cause I know you're a good man.

  • I know it. Yes, yes.

  • The young man's not nearly as angry. In fact,

  • I believe he actually has a tear in his eye.

  • - Amen. - Now if you reach out, the Lord will accept you here today.

  • [Congregation Murmuring]

  • If you reach out,

  • He'll accept you here forevermore.

  • He will love you forever, even as we in this church love you now.

  • Forevermore.

  • - Do I hear somebody say "amen"? - Amen!

  • [Whispering] This may be the very first conversion we've had over the airwaves.

  • [Congregation] Amen!

  • In fact, I'm quite sure that it is.

  • I feel embarrassed.

  • Oh, no, no, you don't have to feel embarrassed.

  • - I feel embarrassed, but... - I was a worse sinner than you were in my time.

  • - [Crying] - I was a worse sinner than you were.

  • This is an incredible sight.

  • I'm tryin' to be as quiet as possible, not to disturb this moment.

  • This is an important moment in this young man's life...

  • more important than even he can realize at this point, I'm sure.

  • Go ahead, brother. Cry.

  • I'll cry with you. I'll cry with you.

Don't look at me like that. I know what you're tryin' to do,


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使徒 (9/10) 電影剪輯 - Nobody moved That Book (1997) HD (The Apostle (9/10) Movie CLIP - Nobody Moves That Book (1997) HD)

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