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  • [Crowd Cheering]

  • [Man] Come on, Bobbie. Bring him home, Bobbie.

  • Bring him home. Let's go, Bobbie.

  • [Man] Good eye. Good eye.

  • Bobbie, Bobbie, Bobbie.

  • [Jessie] Keep your eye on the ball.

  • [Boy] Yeah, hit that ball!

  • Come on, Bobbie. Come on, Bobbie. Come on, Bobbie. Come on, Bobbie.

  • I really wish you hadn't come here.

  • I come here to see my beauties, Mrs. Jesus He's All Right Dewey,

  • if that's all right with you.

  • - Everything all right here? - Everything's in order, Rodney.

  • I'll go get 'em. Y'all stay here.

  • Right on, Your Highness. Right on.

  • You feel all right?

  • I feel about as good as I've ever felt in my life thus far, Rodney. Yeah, I do.

  • Sonny, why don't you just stay here, you know?

  • And my... my name's not Rodney.

  • Well, I want to see my beauties, if you don't mind, okay?

  • Sonny, listen to me. I'm really and truly sorry about what's happened here; I really am.

  • Well, let me tell you somethin'.

  • Why don't you just butt outta here before I take my... my boot here...

  • and tear you out another asshole right where your nose is at, you understand me?

  • All right?

  • - Sonny, there ain't no call for that kind of talk now. - We'll see about that.

  • Come on. Let's go. Let's everybody go home now.

  • - Let's everybody... - Y'all go ahead and play.

  • I'm sorry to break up the party here.

  • Come on. Let's go, now.

  • - Here. Give me that. - [Crowd Gasps]

  • One for the road, Rodney. One for the road.

  • What's the matter with you? [Screaming]

  • Let's go home now. Let's go home now.

  • [Jessie, Children Screaming]

  • Come on, everybody. Move.

  • You wanna go with me? Wanna go with me?

  • Baby, give me a kiss. Give me a kiss, babe. Come on.

  • [Woman] Oh, God. We plead Your mercy, Lord. Your mercy, Lord.

  • In the name of Jesus. Hallelujah, Jesus.

  • [Praying Continues]

[Crowd Cheering]


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A2 初級

使徒 (4/10)電影剪輯--《一個人的路》(1997)HD (The Apostle (4/10) Movie CLIP - One for the Road (1997) HD)

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