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We are engaged in a war.
This war is not for the moment involved men at arms,
it involves information.
Something important has come up.
We got a Soviet spy.
We want you to defend him.
I'm an insurance lawyer.
I haven't done criminal work in years.
Have you represented many accused spies?
This will be a first for the both of us.
You should be careful.
People are scared of this man.
He's a threat to all of us.
Do you know how people will look at us?
The family of a man trying to free a traitor?
Everyone deserves a defense.
Every person matters.
From this moment forward, you will not refer to the U2
as a reconnaissance aircraft.
You're gonna be taking pictures over Soviet territory.
Tell me what happened.
They got our spy pilot
with a head full of classified information.
We've got their guy.
We want you to negotiate the swap
so it's not governments talking.
You could prevent a full thermonuclear exchange
with the Soviet Union.
I'm talking to you about the security of your country.
Where do they want this negotiation to take place?
East Berlin.
Just tell me that you're not gonna be in any danger.
Give me something to hold on to.
We do this for us.
There are only a few roots left in the east.
The rule of law is less firmly established over there.
Just avoid interaction with people generally.
You don't belong.
We need to have the conversation our governments can't.
You're an American, you could well be detained.
Definitely stay away from the wall.
Cross it and you'll be shot.
There are a lot of people that doesn't want this exchange
to ever take place.
We're not leaving him here.
Things are starting to fall apart.
There's a cost to these things.
A cost to both your country and your family.
We need this to be an exchange.



【電影預告】湯姆漢克斯新作─間諜橋 (Bridge of Spies | official trailer #1 UK (2015) Tom Hanks Steven Spielberg)

21668 分類 收藏
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