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  • Hi guys this is David here and I am here to show you

  • creation but this is not what I am going to show you, this is not my creation

  • but it goes with what I created

  • this is the world's largest, I mean smallest

  • house according to GT(F)Ocreepers and

  • he included six items (to build the house)

  • a bed, furnace, and here was an enchantment table (other video)

  • and here was a crafting table and here a chest

  • and down here was a brewing stand but I only used four items

  • because this is what I really think you only need in a house

  • so yes this is what I included and

  • this just goes with what I created, not my creation I actually created

  • this, which is pretty much

  • this, the world's smallest house (in Minecraft)

  • pixel by pixel

  • not that detailed because couldn't have done that

  • and by the way I link it in the description

  • Umm... to

  • to the video where he shows the world's

  • world's smallest house (in Minecraft) he created and

  • so yeah this is pretty much a replica and

  • and yep very much larger

  • and here's the bed and I added a little more detail to make it

  • look more like a bed in the blanket, a furnace

  • uhh, crafting table

  • the tools are here

  • and the chest

  • and (TNT!)

  • here is the chest and I left that there because

  • you can actually go in the chest. Inside the chest you will find

  • seeds, a sword which can not fit

  • so it kind of looks like it is stabbing into the pumpkin

  • a pickaaxe, a diamond pickaxe, so yeah they are both diamond

  • a melon and

  • beef, good beef?

  • I guess that's the best I could do and

  • I just put that there because pumpkin

  • can not stand/stay like that

  • so wool helps. So yeah

  • it is detailed

  • in the crafting table and everything so it's including

  • details from each item and I'll compare them

  • and I'll also show a little demonstration (pictures).

  • But yeah this is about it.

  • again I'll show you

  • I'll show you the

  • the house and

  • my creation

  • and I think it would look cooler if (setting) it was on far.

  • Well hope you guys like this creation that I made

  • It took me a couple days to make (about 3-5 hours total)

  • They are in good detail (?)

  • and I also had some other things to do

  • But yeah hope you guys liked this

  • and I will compare each item (furnace, doors, chest, etc.) side to side.

  • Closed Captioning provided by...

  • Coki the Dog-last frame of video :)

Hi guys this is David here and I am here to show you


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Minecraft-Big Creation (World's Biggest Smallest House) (Minecraft-Big Creation (World's Biggest Smallest House))

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