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- Let's talk about Aussie sex slang.
- Australian sex.
(funky music)
- [man] Gobby. Gobby!
- Oh, the elf in Harry Potter.
- Hi, I want a gobby. That sounds fun.
- Gob makes me think mouth,
which makes me think--
- Blowjob! - You got it!
- I would never use the word "gobby".
- Oh, it's a great word.
Like, "Oh, yeah, just got a gobby."
- Yeah, after you give me the gobby,
I'm going to stick it in the clacker. (laughs)
- That sounds like a whole plan!
- It's so cute!
- Like a, it sounds like an instrument.
- Yeah, like clack, clack, clack. (claps)
- I don't, you have to go first,
cos I'm thinking really hard. (sigh)
- Maybe it's cos it's the sound it makes?
It's like-- - Oh, yeah.
- [both] clack, clack, clack (clapping).
- Clacker. "Put it in your clacker."
- Vagina? - Anus.
- I, I'm just thinking about the song.
- "Brown-eyed girl'? - Yeah!
- Brownie eye, brown eye.
- Yeah, like you pull apart your cheeks
and you show someone your b-hole.
- Visualize what an eye looks like,
and then brown comes out of it,
it's gotta be a butt-hole.
- It's what you do when you're at a house party, not me...
- Yeah. - Others.
And you're at a house party and there are, like,
cars driving by, you might chuck a brown-eye.
- Mmm.
- Hard to get sexy with, though.
- Doodle could be a dick?
- It better be a penis.
- Dick. - Dick.
But for children.
So generally-- - I still say "doodle".
- For children! (laughs)
- [man] Crack a fat. - [woman] Crack a fat.
- I'm just going to crack a fat.
- Is it anal sex?
- That sounds like masturbating to me.
- Crack a fat-- - Oh, smack the bum! Yeah?
- Smack the bum? - Crack a fat?
- Some people call a hard-on a chubby,
so that could be like fat. - Ooh!
- And crack it's like-- - Okay!
- You know, I snapped into fat-penis mode.
- That means "boner".
I'm just cracking a fat thinking about this word.
It's great.
- I do think it would be hilarious
to be on Tinder in Australia
after this vocabulary lesson.
I think that would be really funny. (laughs)
- I like that. I'm going to say that now.
- Thank you, Australia. - Thank you.
You guys are cool people, you got fun accents and--
- Yeah! - Kangaroos are pretty cute.
- Adorable and horny as fuck. - Yeah!
(funky music)


【有趣新奇】美國人猜澳洲腔 (Americans Guess Aussie Slang)

1901 分類 收藏
Chia-Yu Huang 發佈於 2015 年 8 月 23 日
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