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How good are we at identifying these hot sauces while blindfolded?
Let's talk about that.
♪ (theme music) ♪
- Goooooooood Mythical Morning. - Nothing transforms a meal quite like
a hot sauce, one of my favorite things to put on top of food. And today we're
gonna find out who's better at tasting the hot sauces and telling the difference.
- Differentiating between them as well. - I'm pretty good at tasting them.
And eating them in rapid fashion. Yeah, I mean, you're a fan of hot sauce.
You've talked about it so much over the years that I've started to put hot sauce
on stuff, but I'm gonna go ahead and hedge a little bit and say that I don't think
I'm anywhere near as good as you are at identifying hot sauces.
- Really? - But we're gonna find out today.
- Okay. - Line yours up at home and be sure to
- play along. Get your blindfolds ready. - We're dealing with what we have found
to be very common hot sauces, at least here in the western part of the
- United States. - Mmhm. Start down here.
We'll start with Tabasco. It's in a class of its own, a very distinctive taste, but
it's popular the world over. We've got Tapatio, which is in a lot of restaurants
out here. You find it on almost every restaurant table. It's a Mexican hot sauce.
- He's cool, that dude. Big hat. - Frank's Red Hot, which is just a classic
- American hot sauce. Put it on anything. - Wing sauce. Ah, Cholula is one of my
favorites, because it has a wooden top. I'm sure that's why it's one of your
- favorites. - Oh yeah.
- Wooden top! - I love it.
- It is my favorite because of that. - Mexican flair. And then you've got the
Asian sensation known as Sriracha. Ah, rooster sauce. You know what's up.
And a favorite from my childhood: Texas Pete.
- Made in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. - Yes, it says Texas but it's from
- North Carolina. - But they sell it out here.
Okay, so what we're gonna do is, we have a number of rounds. We're gonna be
blindfolded, of course, and we have five rounds where we're just gonna taste one
of these six sauces. We're not doing six for six because we wanna make it a little
- challenging for us. - Mmhm.
So, that's just identifying one sauce. And then you've got two rounds where we're
gonna combine two sauces and make a Frankensauce, and there's one point
available per each sauce, so two points per round.
And then, I'm told there is a super-secret third round
- Yeah. - that we know nothing about, that is
worth three points, so I can come back from behind (laughs) and win at the end.
That's a secret sauce that is not amongst these, and we have to identify the pepper
- that it was made with for three points. - Okay. Are we ready to go to the
hot sauce zone? It's time to play...
- (Link) Can we identify that hot sauce? - (Rhett) ... while blindfolded?
Okay, I am currently bibbed and blindfolded. Rhett, are you...
- bibbed and blindfolded? - I'm blindfolded and bibbed.
- Ohh. - Is that the same thing?
- Yes it is... I think. - Okay. What we could do is we could just
put the hot sauces in a spoon and eat that, but who does that? Nobody does that.
- That would be crazy. - Booo, stupid.
You gotta put it on food and we're from the South, and everybody puts hot sauce
- on chicken. - Fried chicken.
Fried chicken! So we're gonna be delivering the hot sauce to our mouths
with fried chicken. But uh-uh, not just putting it in our hand. We're gonna be
using the patent-pended Chicken Stick, soon to be available at
- rhettandlink.com/store.
You said "patent-pended," not patent-pending.
(laughs) Well, it pended and then... It's probably still pending.
Don't come near this, it is already pended. It is over.
All right, so let's gear up for Round One!
(in unison over dramatic music) Round One!
- Okay, let's bring in the-- - Chicken sticks.
- Bring in the chicken sticks. - Imma open--
Oh, oh! (laughs) Mm!
- Mm. Mkay, mkay. - Mm.
Jen's a little aggressive with her chicken stick!
- (crew laughs) - Mm. That's kinda hot... and saucy.
- (Link) Mm. - (Rhett slurps)
- There's definitely a sweetness... - (Rhett slurps more)
- and a bite to it. - I got some on my hand and I'm licking.
- Is that against the rules? - How'd it get on your hand?
'Cause Jen's aggressive with the chicken stick!
- What'd you do, push it away? - No, she just really sauced it up!
- (crew laughs) - (Link smacks lips)
- She's Canadian. - Now Imma tell you right now, that is a
- good sauce. - That is a gooood sauce.
Why don't you verbally process so I can get an advantage here?
I think it tastes really good, even though it was delivered aggressively, I don't
mind. I liked it. I would eat more of that chicken. I'd eat that chicken all day.
It's the hot sauce, not the chicken we're talking about.
Oh! Hot sauce! Oh, I gotta think about what that is.
- All right, I-- - I have a guess.
- I think I've got my guess. - Ready? Three, two, one.
(in unison) Frank's.
- Ohh! We're right there! We both agree! - Eyy! A little Frank action!
- Yeah, yeah, yeah? - You givin' me five?
- Yeah, yeah, yeah! - Yeah! I can sense--
- You felt that five come out? - I can sense that you were doing that.
All right, now, before moving on to Round Two, we need to cleanse our palates
and we're gonna stay with the Southern theme. We have a bowl of grits here.
- Just plain ol' grits. - And I'm gonna palate cleanse.
We don't have a grit stick, sorry.
Mm! Nothing like some bland grits to clean that palate.
Oh! Mm. I probably didn't need that much grits.
Mm. All right, onto Round Two.
(in unison over dramatic music) Round Two!
All right, bring it in, Becca. Rrengh!
- (with mouth full) Okay? Mm. - (crew laughs)
Mm! Smoky!
- Definitely some smokiness in there. - I could do this a lot.
- This is good, isn't it? - I'm gonna demand all my chicken on
- chicken sticks from now on. - Mm! Um... all right.
- Maybe I'm better at this than I thought. - (mocking) Maybe I'm better than this!
- (all laugh) - Link, (shouts) you're better than this!
- I am too good for this, guys. I am out! - Okay, I'm ready. I think I know this is.
I think I'm ready. In three, two, one.
- (Rhett) Tapatia. - (Link) Cholula.
Uh oh! No agreement there! But we're in Mexico. One of us is right and one of us
- is wrong, I feel like. - Really, you think that's Cholula, huh,
- friend? Hmm! - I've actually never had Tapatio, so...
I said "Tapatia," but it's Tapatio is what I meant.
- Disqualified. - Y'all know what I mean.
Next round!
(in unison over dramatic music) Round Three!
- Rrengh! - (both laugh)
- That was the sound of my mouth opening. - That means, Jen, that means I'm ready for
- my chicken stick. - (laughs) Mrrengh!
Oh! Mm.
- (with mouth full) Mkay, okay! - (crew laughs)
Mm! This one's got some immediate bite. It's sour-er.
(smacks lips)
- (Link) Mm! Oh, gosh. - I've been down this road before.
- (chuckles) - Eh. This one is not-- ooh, I'm about to
- hiccup. I can feel it about to happen. - Yes you are!
Ah. (slurps) Man, it makes me feel alive! Are your lips stinging?
Yeah. My lips are stinging and my mouth is stinging.
I normally don't get this much sauce on my lips.
- It's very vinegary. - Never eaten with a chicken stick before.
Even got some over here on my cheekus. Cheekus... maximus.
- Okay, I think I know, man. - Yeah. I got this one too.
- Three, two, one. - (in unison) Tabasco.
- Hah! Yeah! Uh-huh! - Lemme drink a little. Mm, move on.
(in unison over dramatic music) Round Four!
I gotta put some grits on my lips 'cause they're burning so much.
- Grit lips. - (both slurp)
That's a good-- that could be a lip balm.
- (Link) Oh yeah. - Hey, man, you heard about Grit Lips?
- (slurps) - They're sellin' it at
- rhettandlink.com/store. (laughs) - That's something I say to a woman
I'm sweet on. Hey Grit Lips, come over here and... pucker up.
- (laughs) A woman you're sweet on? - (slurps)
- Okay, all right, bring it in. - Like, you've got some gritty lips, girl.
- Mm. - (Link) Mm!
(Rhett) Aw yeah. Mm.
- That's almost too easy. - Takin' flight! (chuckles)
But I'll tell you right now, not my favorite on chicken.
- No, that's better on a... a pizza. - It's gotta a slow burn to it.
- In three, two, one-- - (in unison) Sriracha!
- Yeah, that one is so distinctive. - It's so distinctive, Link.
I almost said "Linktive." So distinctive, Linktive. Can I call you Linktive?
- Sure. - Moving on!
(in unison over dramatic music) Round Five!
- (Rhett) Mmm. - That's hot. I've got a cumulative
buildup of heat now, that the top of my head's starting to sweat.
- Huh. - My nose is really starting to run.
- I'm a little confused. - Yeah, I know. After that Sriracha...
- I know that was Sriracha. - (clears throat) Mm!
No, no, no, no. No, no, no. Yes, yes, yes. It's coming to me.
- It's definitely fried chicken, still. - I think I have an advantage because
- I have a beard. - You're eating it off of the beard?
- No, no I'm not. (chuckles) - Okay, I'm ready. In three, two, one.
(in unison) Texas Pete!
- Yep! - Winston-Salem, North Carolina
- right there! - Yeah, represent!
- (manly grunting) - Take your shirt off, twist it around
- your head... spin it like a helicopter. - Okay, so, that's five rounds so we're
gonna get a score update, see where we stand.
(Noah) All right, so the first sauce, Round One, was Frank's Red Hot.
- Woo! - (Noah) You both got that right.
- Ho, ho, ho! - (Noah) Second round was Cholula.
- Whoah! - (Noah) You guessed wrong.
- (Noah) Link, you were right. - Link in the house!
- Early lead! Early lead! - (Noah) Round thir-- Round Three was
- Tobasco. You both got that. - Round Third!
(Noah) Round Four was Sriracha; you both got that right.
- (Noah) Round Five was Texas Pete's. - Aw, yeah.
Okay. Wow, five for five! I thought you would be good at this, Link! You hedged
- a little bit; it was unnecessary. - I know, man.
- I didn't taste the wood! - It's the grits, it's the grits.
I didn't taste the wood! Hm! Sorry! Okay, I'm down four to five going into the
- Frankensauce rounds. - She didn't put the cap in my mouth,
- either, if that's what you're asking. - Frankensauce rounds, go!
(Morgan, evilly over dramatic music) Frankensauce!
Now, this is not gonna be easy. Two sauces, one... leg.
(with mouth full) Okay! Oh.
(Link) Mm.
(Link) Mm.
Wow. (slurps) I don't know, man! But I'm... (groans)
- All right. - Wow, okay. I-- hm.
All right, Imma... Imma go for this. Three, two, one.
- (Rhett) Texas Pete and Tapatio. - (Link) Frank's and Cholula.
Oh, so we're both totally different. I said Frank's and Cholula, you said
- Texas Pete and Tapatio. - Okay, how'd we do?
(Noah) All right, you both got one point on that one. It was Frank's Red Hot and
- (Noah) Texas Pete. - Dangit! That was-- I wanted to say that
- 'cause it tasted so classic! - (Link) Okay.
But I was just trying to mix it up a little bit, dangit!
All right, still in the lead! Next up.
(Morgan, evilly over dramatic music) Frankensauce!
- Okay, here we go. - Chicken stick in, chicken stick in!
- Okay. I got this. - Hold on!
- C'mon, the pressure's on, Rhett! - Hold on.
It's all over. Imma go over here and take a nap. (snores)
- Okay, all right. - Mkay. Three, two, one.
(in unison) Sriracha and Tobasco!
- Oooh! - (laughs)
- The Tobasco has such a-- they both are - (in unison) so distinct...
- That I tasted one and then two. - Yeah, they both cut through.
- So, were we right on that one? - (Noah) You got both half right.
It was Sriracha, but it was Sriracha and Cholula.
- Agh, dangit! - Ohhhhh, man!
I had an opportunity to pull away and I didn't!
If you mix Rooster and Cholula you get Tobasco, and we just totally ruined
- their secret! - Okay, so Link, going into the final
round, you are up by one, which means that I have to get this one right and you
have to get it wrong in order for me to win. So, you have to guess the pepper.
It's one sauce, but we have to guess the pepper that it's made with.
(Morgan, over dramatic music) Mystery Sauce!
Okay. Guess the pepper. All right, whatever, let's do it. Bring it in.
(Link) Hm.
Lotta smackin' happening. Boy, it is very distinct.
- I might need a second bite. - I call for a second bite also.
Okay. I just slurped some... mm.
- All right. - It doesn't taste good.
- It makes my ears hurt. - (sings) ♪ I think I know the answer! ♪
♪ I think I know it! I wanna guess it right now. ♪
- Um... - ♪ It makes me wanna sing! ♪
- (smacks lips) - Are you ready for the three count?
(rapidly) Are you ready for the three count? Are you ready for the three count?
- Yeah, okay. - Three, two, one.
- (Rhett) Chipotle! - (Link) Chili pepper.
- Chili pepper is what I said. - Chipotle, chipotle!
- I said, "chil-l-l-ly pepper." - (Noah) Unfortunately, you are both wrong.
- Yeah! - No, it's a chipotle! Ancho chili.
- (Noah) Habanero. - Habanero. Habanero!
Hold on, hold on. Take the mask off. You need to bring that sauce to me.
- Oh my goodness, I can't see anything. - Because if there's chipotle peppers in
the sauce, then I would still need to get some points.
What're you... what--
- Nope. No chipotle peppers. - (crew laughs)
- Link, you win! Congratulations! - Woo! Look at me, pepperhead!
Oh, that's all you get is the hat? Okay, I feel okay now.
- (laughs) - Whoa, I am crying.
- But it is shiny. - Oh, I made a mess!
- All right! - That chicken stick made a mess!
Try that on your own time, but make your own waiver and sign it first.
We wanna thank you for watching and thank our sponsor, GoDaddy.com.
(Link) Visit GoDaddy.com and enter code "GMM" at checkout to get a dot com domain
- for only $1.99! Link in the description. - Don't let somebody steal that website
idea that you've got: I Only Want My Chicken On A Chicken Stick...
- (in unison) ... dot com! - is still available!
It Burns and I'm Wearing a Mask... dot org!
- (crew laughs) - That's fair game.
- That's probably already taken. - (all laugh)
- Thanks for liking and commenting. - You know what time it is.
- Hey, I'm Taylor. - Hey, I'm Eric.
- We're from St. Louis. - I bet you think this deer is real.
- Nope! - It's time to spin the
(in unison) Wheel of Mythicality!
You know, you could put hot sauce on chicken. You could also put hot sauce on
chicken and waffles! And if you like waffles, you should go to our Instagram
- for Waffle Wednesday! - Also, to click through to Good Mythical
More, just click through to Good Mythical More.
- All you gotta do is click through. - Where we're gonna get the crew to play,
Can You Guess That Hot Sauce?
(Rhett) Rhett confesses he has never washed his hands.
- So, Rhett. - Yeah.
Be honest with me, man. Give me something. Give me some sort of information.
Truth or Dare? Is this Truth or Dare, Chili Man?
- Yeah, let's... and, ah... truth. - I've never washed my hands.
And you know what? I stirred your grits with my fingers earlier. (tongue clicks)
(sniffs) It's fine.
[Captioned by Caitrin: GMM Captioning Team]


【辣死你】帶你一起盲測各品牌辣椒醬 (The Blind Hot Sauce Taste Test)

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