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I'm gonna show you a beautiful recipe of something that we all like.
Pizza. You can call this a kind of pizza Bianco. A white pizza
parmesanny, garlicky. Little slices of
cooked potato. Really good. So pizza.
Everyone likes pizza. Good fun to make. Great with the kids.
So I'm going to whack in there one kilo of strong flour.
a good couple of pinches of salt, and then I want seven grams
of active dried yeast. You can get it in all the supermarkets. That goes into about 620
of water. Just over a pint of tepid water. Mix it up.
That sort of re-hydrates and wakes up that yeast.
The yeast is gonna give you the bubbles and the lightness to the dough.
Pour that into your flour, and then just give it a good old mix-up.
Go as far as you can with the spatula.
Get a little flour,
flour on your hands. And we get a bit of kneading done.
Keep it moving. As it kind of gets more worked
it becomes more elastic. When it's lovely and shiny
and smooth after about three or four minutes of working it.
Can you see it moving? The yeast is going to create
bubbles of air, and its gonna try and push up
through the bread. If it wasn't elastic
right then the air would just come out and you'd get flat dense bread.
Because it's elastic , you know, it's going to hold it in.
And that's gonna be your lightness in your bread. Now, you can just put it in a bowl
cover with clingfilm or a damp
cloth. Give it an hour and a half/two hours then
it looks like this.
So you can see, it's tripled in size. Literally, you pop it.
Once you knock it out that's the first load of air
gone, and it's good to do that. And then
I divided a batch earlier into 4
and instead of rolling it out,
just use your thumb. Just sort of pinch it to the edge.
And what's quite nice about this is that it's very natural,
quite traditional way of doing it. I'm gonna show you a basic flavour
which is different, and you might not see before. This is like a cream cheese, yeah.
We'll put a little lemon zest. Tiny bit of lemon juice
about a tablespoon. That will give it flavour and it will loosen up.
About two tablespoons of Parmesan, just to give you a nice flavour,
and a little bit garlic on the fine grater
and it'll go like a paste on the other side. This is instead of a tomato base
you can put smoky bacon on top, prosciutto, sun-dried tomatoes. You can put
all the flavours that you normally do with a tomato pizza.
Have a taste. Beautiful.
Lemon zest, parmesan and garlic is all there. Well chuffed with that.
All I do, is get my pizza
like this. Just pull it out.
You can put that cream sauce
you can just put little blobs, it will move.
You can put some pepper, some olive oil,
a classic roman-style pizza
for me is little slices of cooked potato
on top, and if you think having bread and potatoes weird
alright, fair enough. Try it. Really nice.
And a little extra Parmesan on top like that, and then my little trick
if you get some rosemary sprigs like that, put some olive oil over
when this roasts on top for the pizza it is insanely,
insanely, insanely good. One humble rasher of
smoked pancetta or bacon. Just pick little tiny bits off.
I've taught like chefs, students
even me old man, how to make proper rude-boy style pizza,
and they make it perfect.
and they kind of finish doing it, and then they walk off,
and they look at it and you can see all the thoughts going through their head. I could have put a
pineapple on that, have a bit of chicken tikka masala.
Sod it. I'll just put it all around and look at that. That's beautiful. Look at that.
Don't do it. Hold yourself back. The key to truly authentic
pizza don't put too much topping on top. That's got literally two-and-a-half
three minutes
but when it's golden we'll serve it up.
Guys, look at that. Bubbling, it's got character, it's
crispy. I'd love to give you a bit.
Lets have a little try beautiful.
Have a go. Happy pizza making. Take care.
If you love this hit the thumbs up
button. Take care guys.



【Jamie Oliver料理教室】蘿絲瑪莉比薩食譜推薦 (Pizza Bianco with Rosemary & Pancetta | Jamie Oliver)

9199 分類 收藏
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