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  • Ok you lovely people, now for a beautiful comfort food dish, which is undeniably sumptuous

  • and gorgeous and it is, the classic British dish, which is cauliflower cheese. But I'm

  • gonna' show you that frozen veg in a dish like this is just as delicious as fresh, only

  • a lot cheaper. Now on my left is my lovely Greek sister Georgie. She's gonna' be cooking

  • a fresh version of this beautiful grattan, ok. I'm gonna' do the frozen, we're gonna'

  • have a little taste up at the end, so you're cool with that? Yes definitely, lovely. So

  • let's start with the recipe. First in a pan, two nobs of butter, just get it in that pan

  • on a medium heat ok. So this is based around the classic French cream sauce, bechamel sauce.

  • For extra flavour add a bay leaf and two finely sliced cloves of garlic. Thicken the sauce

  • with two tablespoons of flour. And then all i'm gonna' do is add about five hundred mills

  • of milk, bit by bit, you can use a wooden spoon or a whisk. I'm using five hundred grams

  • of frozen broccoli, let that simmer for twenty minutes until the broccoli is cooked right

  • through, then give it a good whizz up to create a delicious creamy broccoli sauce. Get yourself

  • your frozen cauliflower, throw it in, there's a kilo there, that's the equivalent of two

  • heads of cauliflower. Then pour the broccoli sauce over the frozen florets of cauliflower.

  • Fantastic, can't have cauliflower cheese without cheese. Cheddar's great for this, i'm using

  • about seventy grams. That much bread is gonna' transform that cauliflower cheese from epic

  • to like super epic ok. Chuck it in a blender with some rosemary or thyme and a tablespoon

  • of olive oil and blitz. I'm gonna' go in with a tablespoon of flaked almonds, it goes really

  • really well with roasted cauliflower. Just a few seconds, just to break it up, then scatter

  • over this delicious veggie feast. So ladies and gents, we have an amazing broccoli and

  • cauliflower cheese with crispy bits. Bake for one hour or until golden and cook through.

  • We know that frozen's a lot cheaper, but what I want to prove is that it can be just as tasty as fresh.

  • I think it's time to have a little bit of a taste up. Here's Georgie's one.

  • In a nut shell, blooming gorgeous. Now for the version made with frozen veg for nearly half the price.

  • You loose nothing by using frozen do you not think? No it's absolutely

  • delicious. There you have it, The Best Cauliflower and Broccoli Cheese, all thanks to your freezer.

Ok you lovely people, now for a beautiful comfort food dish, which is undeniably sumptuous


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最好吃的花椰菜奶酪|傑米-奧利弗 (The Best Cauliflower Cheese | Jamie Oliver)

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