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  • What up FoodTubers? Okay, we've got a beautiful dish:

  • prawns, butter beans, lemon, chili.

  • Super tasty, super healthy.

  • This is a lovely meal for four people,

  • around about 420 calories, so really controlled calories, two of your veggies a day,

  • and really tasty, and it's going to fill you up.

  • And it's a great fast, mid-week meal.

  • What's not to love? Well, let's do it.

  • So, wok. Wack it on a medium/high heat. Slice up some spring onions.

  • One bunch, nice and fine. Or, use a nice food processor,

  • with a little slicer attachment, super efficient.

  • You're gonna get that lovely hum of flavor from the spring onions.

  • One or two chilies depending on how spicy it is.

  • I'm just gonna finely slice that, I'm actually not gonna deseed it,

  • because there's a little bit of heat in there, and I wanna keep that.

  • We've got twelve beautiful prawns here, I've deveined them.

  • Let me show you how to do that. When you rock the head forward,

  • you can get a pair of scissors, and you can just run your scissors down the back.

  • Stick your scissor in, or a knife, and you can pull your vein out.

  • It takes just a few minutes, it cleans the prawn.

  • I actually like to take the shell and the tail off. I know it sounds gross, but if you squash

  • that head, that is where the big, big flavor is. The big big flavor.

  • So, if you're a little bit kinda squeamish, then take the head off, but if

  • love food, and life, and generally everything that gets your taste buds going,

  • leave the head on.

  • So in this hot pan, we're gonna use olive oil, couple of table spoons is more than enough.

  • In with the prawns. Nice thing about prawns, they're really high in vitamin B-12,

  • so that's good for your immune system, and nervous system.

  • Give it a shake, look at the colour change straight away.

  • As we're cooking so efficiently, I'm gonna just get my nice few slices of bread, and toast those,

  • on a griddle pan. The prawns are nearly cooked actually.

  • I'm gonna let it have a little bit of spring onion and chili rainfall.

  • Absolutely gorge.

  • We're gonna go in now, with the mangetout. Four handfuls.

  • You can use sugar-snap peas. We don't want to overcook these greens.

  • I'm kinda keeping this Mediterranean, I juts happen to be using a wok.

  • You could do this in a paella pan. So look, that's had a minute,

  • and then, I'm gonna go in with two tins of drained butter beans.

  • Wonderful source of protein, and they really suck up flavors beautifully.

  • I've got 500 grams of lovely tomatoes. Different sizes, shapes, colors.

  • Just hack 'em up. You can hear now the pan has stopped frying,

  • because the moisture has come out of the butter beans, so it's kinda steaming in their now

  • which is no bad thing, feel free to sort of like make this your own.

  • If you wanted asparagus in there, all good, if you wanted to put in a nice handful of frozen peas in there,

  • or broad beans, really really good.

  • I'm gonna throw in the tomatoes, beautiful colours, a little bit of seasoning:

  • salt and pepper. Our toast is done. Just get a piece of garlic, a couple of little rubs

  • of this will make all the difference. Sort of Spanish, Greek, Turkish, Italian. Very nice.

  • We're into about 5 minutes of cooking, it's pretty much done. Parsley, we're just gonna finely slice

  • that, and the delicate stalks as well. Put some lovely lemon zest in there, it's so fresh.

  • One or two lemons depending on how juicy they are. Look at that.

  • The thing I love about this cooking, it's really good fun to do. It all happens pretty much in one pan.

  • So simple.

  • Have a little taste.

  • Ah the lemon juice and the chili are so good. Get a nice big platter, this is how I like to do it,

  • put the toast on the bottom. If you want to be pretty about it you could kinda put them on the side,

  • but I love, once I've done that, just putting these herbs in. Look at that guys.

  • 5 minutes work, hot steamy, big flavor, and that, I'm really proud of.

  • Super fast, nutritious food, really colourful, really fresh. So guys I hope you enjoyed that,

  • if you like it give us a thumbs up, if you've got any comments on what you would do, put it in the

  • comments box below. If you want the recipe, it's from one of my old books, so click the link below,

  • it'll take you to my website, and we'll sort you out , and I hope you enjoyed it. Take care guys, lots of love, bye!

What up FoodTubers? Okay, we've got a beautiful dish:


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