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- I'm a 36A, which is not what I was hoping for.
I was actually hoping for a C.
- That's not gonna happen, sorry.
I'm gonna measure you for bras.
- I heard that's what's gonna go down today.
- For women, bras are a necessary evil.
If you need the support they're there to support you.
But at the end of a hard day at work,
you take it off and it's the best feeling in the world.
That's, that's wrong. That's wrong.
- That's not gonna do it. Okay, no.
- The most universal bra, I would say,
is like a nice demi-cup bra.
But, you have to aware of sister sizes because a 34B--
- Did you just say "sister sizes'?
- Yeah.
- Okay, what's that all about?
- 34B's sister is 32C because
34 is like your band.
- it's the closest one to that other one.
- Exactly.
- Boom! Holler at your boy!
- Good job!
- It took me seven minutes, y'all!
- I can feel like a bit of pressure on the back,
but it actually kinda makes me wanna stand up straight more.
- I understand why bra burning happened in the 60s
cause this is a whole restrictive thing, right here.
- Sports bra provides comfort and it
holds you in when you're working out.
So if you're bouncing around at the gym doing stuff,
you're breasts aren't gonna be all over the place.
It's gonna hold you in place, you're gonna be good to go.
- There's so much to remember and incorporating
something like this into your daily routine,
it might be a challenge.
- Ladies, my hat goes off to you, and my bra goes on.
They don't show up under the shirt.
Oh wait, maybe they do.
- Seatbelts and bras are just a terrible mix.
- It's hot in these cups, dog!
Like, I don't have any breasts in these cups
and it's still warm.
- I can definitely feel the strap, one of the straps,
like, really, really bearing down into my shoulder,
but I didn't know that it'd leave a mark like this.
- I got red marks all on my under-carriage and stuff, here.
- Let me take this... (grunting)
goddamn it, off.
- I don't think I can make it out of
the house in a timely fashion.
- I'm gonna have to wash these later.
I think I'm gonna call my mom.
Hey, Mom I have a question for you. (Sure.)
Um, I was wondering, how do you wash a bra? (So I would use warm water... and a little bit of soap...by hand)
- All right, so I just got done with a run
and if you'd like to know what it
feels like to wear a sports bra,
It's like wearing boxer briefs made of
wet scuba suit material.
- I do gotta say, standing in the Starbucks,
in the Bronx, talk about self-conscious.
- The worst thing of wearing a bra for a week
was wearing a bra for a week.
- This is your whole day.
With the strapless bra, this movement is your whole day.
- The worst part about wearing a bra for a week
was actually getting the thing on.
- I caught people staring at my chest
and it made me feel like a deer in the headlights.
- I got some eyes on me.
- Wearing the bra was very hot.
- Now sports bras are much more comfortable.
- I don't think it's possible to relax with a bra on
cause you lean back and it's like
there it is and so you're messing around with it.
- The marks on the skin, man.
Like on my rib cage and on my back,
I just, it was digging in.
- The best part of wearing a bra for a week is
coming home after a long day of work
and just taking off the bra.
It's such a relieving feeling.
- Look ladies, you know the saying that you
couldn't walk a mile in my shoes?
Well, I could not last a week in your bra.
- It can get caught, like right in there.
That is not a good feeling.


【爆笑經典】男生穿「胸罩」一星期體驗女孩辛勞!  (Guys Wear Bras For A Week)

75646 分類 收藏
黃鈺茱 發佈於 2015 年 9 月 5 日    Steven 翻譯    Charlene Tai 審核
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