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  • The iron in your blood

  • the silicon in your computer, the oxygen that we breathe, all of those

  • elements were actually synthesized inside stars. Stars form from the collapse of a

  • cloud and

  • basically as soon as fusion starts taking place (hydrogen to helium)

  • the star finds peace and finds stability

  • and that's what we call the stars the main sequence and it spends the

  • majority of its time

  • and then depending on its mass you can actually

  • start fusing heavier and heavier elements. Thats in fact

  • what keeps stars fighting against gravity

  • the fact that as they fuse elemtns actually those reactions generate heat

  • but of course once you start off using progressively heavier elements and you

  • get into iron

  • those reactions can no longer give you heat at that point the star has lost

  • its battle against gravity and has no other fate but to collapse

The iron in your blood


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明星的生活在1分鐘內解釋 (The Life Of A Star Explained In 1 Minute)

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