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  • Many people think that bullying ends once they finish high school.

  • However, that’s not always true.

  • Not always.

  • Not true.

  • Nope.

  • There is a type of bullying called Workplace Bullying.

  • Workplace bullying can occur in

  • any company that you work for.

  • Bullying is repeated mistreatment of one or more persons by one or more perpetrators.

  • Workplace bullying is abusive conduct that is threatening, humiliating, or intimidates,

  • interferes with work and is verbally/emotionally abusive.

  • What are the possible signs of workplace bullying? This could include a boss or co-worker

  • repeatedly embarrassing or humiliating the victim,

  • making offensive comments about a person’s looks, clothing

  • or body parts,

  • or sabotaging the victim’s work to prevent them

  • from being able to do their job.

  • Workplace bullying can happen between a supervisor and his/her employee, a boss and his/her team

  • working under him/her, or between co-workers of the same rank. Being bullied at work can

  • feel similar to the experience of a person who is being abused by a partner, husband, or wife.

  • If you feel extremely stressed out at your work, and it is due in part to bullying at

  • work, consider contacting your Human Resources (HR) department to see if there is a policy

  • that covers workplace bullying or harassment.

  • Be sure to document all instances of bullying

  • that you have experienced and keep the documentation private and safe.

  • If you want legal help, please contact a lawyer to discuss legal avenues.

  • Workplace bullying creates a hostile work environment.

Many people think that bullying ends once they finish high school.


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工作場所的欺凌行為 (Workplace bullying)

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