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okay, so the folded omelette, this is kind of a classic.
So, it's the omelette where we fold it over like that or the two sides into the middle,
you can choose whichever one you wanna do,
we don't wanna overcook the egg again,
we want it to be silky and golden yellow and delicate and gorgeous and oozy in the middle.
I'm going to flavor this with gorgeous mushrooms.
look at these, so we've got a mixture of farm and oyster and field mushrooms and enoki mushrooms the enokis are really cool,
you can get them in a lot of the supermarkets.
now, just crush, squash, slice or tear up the mushrooms,
kind of make it odds and ends and different shapes and sizes.
That's all cool, so some slices to squash and that is absolutely lovely.
So, there's your mushrooms, we're going to add just get a little bit of olive oil in a pan
as it gets hot, we're gonna go in with the mushrooms. Let it fry, it will start frying
and then start releasing moisture, we'll keep tossing and then that will moisture cook away,
and we'll get back to frying again, I just want to get one clove of garlic.
just take the skin off and we'll just finely slice that, what's really nice with the mushrooms
it's thyme or parsley or both really really nice, so I'm gonna put that in,
notice that I put the garlic in after the mushrooms.
if I'd put the garlic in with the oil in a hot pan,
it's just gonna overcook and go slightly bitter.
So, the mushrooms are kind of taking the sting out of the heat of the pan.
lovely little pinch of salt and pepper and if you had any dried chilli, that's really nice as well.
now, have a little look at this, you can see the moisture's just kind of come out of the mushrooms.
now, we're gonna carry on frying it.
A nice way to make it really rich and gorgeous is to put just a little knob of butter.
So in we go and something that I love with it is just a tiny squeeze, a tiny squeeze of lemon literally four drops
so see where that butter is, I'm just gonna squeeze four five drops little drops of lemon
it'll make all the difference.
let it just bubble up, right what we'll do is just take those off and
we just put them onto a plate now. By the way,
that technique of cooking these mushrooms is fantastic for risotto
for putting on steak for making a sauce with a splash of white wine and cream,
so that little technique's a very very good one.
so, in this pan now what I want to do is just get a little bit of kitchen paper.
I'm gonna wipe it out.
I want to turn it right down to medium low heat.
We gonna hit up three eggs, so I'm gonna have three eggs for this.
I'm gonna have a little pinch of salt and I'll give it a nice little beat with a fork .
So, notice I've taken that pan off the heat just a little drizzle of oil.
and in we go with the eggs just, say, use a spoon to lightly move this around see guys
I don't wanna have to overcook the base of the omelette.
just move it around delicately and then where you make a hole feel free to let it kind of fall in,
so look, as you move little gaps and you fill it with the egg.
there's a point where you can start moving it and not so much fills it.
at that point is when we go in with some gorgeous cheese, cheddars, Red Leicesters or anything equivalent that you feel contained.
absolutely gorgeous! I can have a pinch of pepper in here
and then we're gonna go in with our lovely mushrooms.
I'm going to just put it to one side like a half moon, so I want to take it off the heat now.
See the thing is guys eggs cook at such a low temperature that if it's cooked in the pan,
it's gonna be overcooked on the plate, so you kind of need to sort of just scale back your aim,
if you know what I mean, on cooking and just slightly under-cook it and then by the time you get it on the plate
it will be perfect so hopefully if I'm lucky it'll work so I'm just gonna pour it out onto a plate
and then as it gets over the lip we just fold in half like that so there you go guys
the humble and very simple half folded omelette it is a real classic very simple.
the key for me is not over cooking the egg you don't want the color.
so, let's get a knife and fork and cut in to that
so there you go what we're looking for we want it to be oozy in the middle.
we want the mushrooms to be beautifully cooked and we don't want the omelette overcooked.
it is delicious, oozy and moist on the inside very very important.
mushrooms cooked beautifully.
you know so delicate and soft here.
Lots of love if you like this please like it if you haven't subscribed please do
click there, nice, thank you. Bye!



【主廚系列】如何做一個完美的煎蛋捲呢?傑米大廚教你做! (How to Make a Folded Omelette | Jamie Oliver)

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