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  • l know you'll make him feel... Hey!


  • (SHOUTING) No. No! Hey! Shut up!

  • Did you speak to them?

  • Yeah? You remember any of their names?

  • Yeah.

  • Two of them were brothers.

  • l think their last name was Winslow.

  • The oldest one was Jeffrey.

  • And Walter.

  • Walter?

  • Yeah. Do you remember Walter's last name?

  • Collins.

  • Walter Collíns.

  • Tell me something if you only remember some of the boys' names,

  • how come you remember his full name?

  • Because of what happened.

  • Walter and Jeffrey were talkíng.

  • JEFFREY: Pull it. DAVID: They kept checkíng around

  • and they found a part of the coop where the wire was all messed up.

  • WALTER: (WHISPERING) Be careful!

  • Hurry!

  • Maybe make enough room to get out of there and run.

  • JEFFREY: When we get out, we split up,

  • go in different directions. Okay?

  • They can't catch all of us.

  • lt'd make an awful Iot of noise.

  • JEFFREY: (WHISPERING) Be quiet. You got it?

  • And if it wasn't wide enough, then we'd be stuck.

  • DAVID: (GRUNTS) Wait. Help! Help! Come on, hurry!

  • My foot's stuck! Hurry, help! Help me, please!

  • He's coming! He's...

  • My foot!

  • (WALTER GASPS) DAVID: He's coming.

  • Hurry, run, run, run!

  • GORDON: Hey! What the hell are you boys...

  • Oh! Mary, Mother of God! Hey! Hey! Hey!

  • You get back here! Hey! Hold it! Hey!


  • Hey!





  • (YELLS)

  • Check on the others!

l know you'll make him feel... Hey!


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Changeling (11/12) Movie CLIP - Davy's Escape (2008) HD (Changeling (11/12) Movie CLIP - Davy's Escape (2008) HD)

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