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Are you interested in expanding your English conversation topics?
In this video, I’ll share with you a simple, useful English conversation that you can use immediately
to start learning English quickly and without overwhelm. Stay tuned.
Freelancer Job Application Conversation
Hello Madam, I have read your recent job posting for a Web administrator
to set up some product pages in WordPress.
I feel that I would be a good match for the task.
Hello John, thanks for contacting me. Tell me about your experience and why you
think you can complete this job.
I have been a website administrator for 3 years full-time
working with frameworks including WordPress, Ruby On Rails, and Drupal.
I studied Computer Science at university and have completed
many jobs like the one you require.
I am confident that I can complete the task quickly and properly.
Can you show me examples of some product pages you have set up in WordPress for your clients?
Yes I can Madam. Some clients had me sign a confidentiality agreement,
however, I have provided some examples of pages I have setup with permission from my clients.
This is great. Do you have any testimonials for your past client jobs?
Yes Madam, I can provide you a link to my online profile.
It has all of my recently completed jobs and the feedback and ratings from my clients .
How long do you estimate it will take you to complete this task?
I estimate that this will take me 3 hours to complete.
I can finish it by tomorrow morning, 11am.
What is your rate?
My rate is $20 an hour.
Let’s set the fixed price for the job at $60. Do you agree?
Yes Madam. Can you please send through the job contract so that I can begin?
Yes, of course.
What is the best way to contact you if I have any questions regarding the job?
Please send me a message on Skype. If it is urgent and you don’t get a reply, please
email me at email@employer.com
Copy that Madam. Can you provide me with website access and all of the content to be created?
Yes, I will. I will add it so you can access everything via our Google Drive.
Do you need anything else to get started?
No Madam. This should be enough for me to get started. I will contact you if I require anything else.
I look forward to the completed job.
Thank you for the opportunity to work with you. I appreciate it very much.
You’re welcome. Talk to you soon.
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自由業的英文求職會話 (English Conversation Topics - Freelancer Job Application Conversation)

6752 分類 收藏
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