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Ro: Hey guys, it’s Ro!
Ro: Welcome to another Nerdy Nummies! Today I have 2 very special guests, I have
Ro: Anthony and Ian from Smosh!
Ian: Hello! Anthony: Hey!
Ro: They came to help me bake today in honor of their new video game Food Battle.
Ro: I’m so excited… Anthony: Yes! Ro: I love it you guys! Anthony: I’m so excited!
Ro: I played the game, it is amazing. Anthony: You beat it right?
Ro: Yeah I beat it, and I won’t… Anthony: She’s so good!
Ro: I will not spoil it for you guys. Ian: Pro gamer right here.
Anthony: There’s a twist, twist ending at the end, it will blow your mind!
Ro: There is a really cute character, he’s this little donut hole and they
Ro: call him their “Bronut” and his name is Edd, so today we are gonna be
Ro: making that little treat.
Ro: Today we are making Vegan Bronut Holes!
All: Let’s get started!
Ian: The things you’ll need are: 1/2 a cup of vanilla soy milk, 1/4 cup of vegan
Ian: butter, 1 tablespoon of flax seed… Ground! 1-1/2 teaspoon baking powder
Ian: 1/4 teaspoon salt, a little punchy-pinch of cinna-mon a teaspoon of apple
Ian: cider vinegar, 1/2 a teaspoon of vanilla.
Ro: You will also need: 1 cup of flour, 1/2 a cup of sugar and 3 tablespoons of water.
Anthony: Lastly you’ll also need, a hand mixer, large mixing bowl, preferably with
Anthony: a beautiful light blue rubber bottom, and a cake pop maker, whatever
Anthony: that is… It’s basically a waffle maker with pods… Pops.
Ian: Cool, so you can make, like, ball waffles! Anthony: You can make little tiny waffles Ro: Ball Waffles!
Ro: Now let’s put it all together!
Ro: The 1st thing that we’re gonna do is make a vegan buttermilk substitute.
Ro: I’m so excited because this is technically the 1st vegan recipe ever on
Ro: Nerdy Nummies! Ian: Whoaaa! Anthony: I’m honored to be here for this!
Ro: So it’s a very special day and I’ve gotten a lot of requests from you guys
Ro: to do a vegan recipe so today is a big 1st!
Ro: Alright, so let’s get started, I’m gonna have you pour the vinegar into the soy milk.
Anthony: Whew, smells like vinegar… Ro; Yep! Anthony: Don’t drink that.
Ro: And then, will you mix it up with the fork?
Ian: Absolutely, with this super advanced stirring apparatus!
Ian: Is it supposed to be bubbly? Anthony: You are going insane! Ro: Yeah that’s great!
Ian: Does that, does that mean you’re really…
Ian: Is this how you mix things? I, I don’t know. Is that enough? I... You’re the expert!
Ro: That’s great! Yeah this is great! So what you do is, we’re just…
Ian: Will this just taste really gross right now if I, if I were to taste this?
Anthony: Probably, it’s vinegar and soy milk.
Ro: I dare you to taste it!
Anthony: The next thing we’re gonna do is mix together all of our dry ingredients
Anthony: into this fancy mixing bowl. Uh, Ian I will let you have the honor of
Anthony: pouring it in. Ian: Thank you, thank you so much. Ro: Alright!
Ian: I’m just gonna, I’m gonna try to pour them in all at once…
Anthony: Don’t break anything! Ian: Because I feel like that makes the optimal…
Anthony: The optimal mix? Ian: Sort of, of mix. Anthony: That's, there’s no way, you can’t
Anthony: hold that in 1 hand. Ian: You wanna… Are you testing me?
Anthony: You can’t pour that upside down. Ian: Oh, oh really? Can I not?
Ro: Oh my gosh, oh my gosh! Do it, do it! You can do it!
Anthony: There’s no way! Ro: You can do it! Anthony: You missed!
Anthony: 1/2 of its outside of the bowl!
Ian: You know what, that’s, that’s cookin’ OK? Cookin’ isn’t clean!
Anthony: Wait, is this clean? Ro: That’s OK, hmmm-hmmm-hmm!
Anthony: OK, yeah! Ian: Yeah! Ro: Yeah, it’s cool!
Ian: I mean, it’s gonna get cooked right? So who cares about… Anthony: And I’ll mix it.
Ian: The bacteria in there. Anthony: The high temperature will kill the bacteria.
Ian: Yeah!
Ro: Now that we’ve got our dry ingredients all mixed together, we’re gonna head
Ro: over to the stove and mix up our wet ingredients.
Ro: 1st you’re gonna mix together 1 tablespoon of flax seed and 3 tablespoons of water
Ro: this makes for a really good egg substitute. Then we’re gonna add in our vanilla
Ro: extract and mix together.
Ro: Now, turn the heat on to medium low and pour in the flax seed mixture, then we’re
Ro: add our vegan butter and our buttermilk substitute. Stir together until the
Ro: butter is melted and everything is evenly combined, but keep your eye on it,
Ro: you don’t want the mixture to boil.
Ro: Once everything is combined, you’re gonna remove it from the heat and bring it
Ro: back over to our baking station.
Ian: Alright, so now we’re gonna mix the wet ingredients with the dry ingredients,
Ian: mix it for… About a minute until it’s all, ya know… Combined and tasty looking.
Anthony: Ready? Ro: Doughy… Yeah! Anthony: Let’s do it!
Anthony: Alright, ah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! Ro: Do it, do it, do it! Ian: Oh yeah! Anthony: Get all of that in there!
Ro: Yeah, you can use a spatula to get all of that. Ian: Or you could use your tongue.
Ian: Do I get to mix? Ro: Yeah you mix! Ian: Oh my god this is my favorite part!
Ro: Alright! Ian: Wait, what level do I put it at? Anthony: Uh, 100!
Ian: Can I put it all the way up? Ro: Yeah put it on maximum.
Ian: Or is that gonna just spray it everywhere?
Ro: I’ll be your shield again. Ian: Yeah!
Anthony: Oh my god! Ro: Ahahaha!
Ian: Any, any sort of techniques I should be applying to my mixing? Anthony: No! Haha!
Ro: Um, no this is good, you’re doing so… Anthony: You're an expert! Ian: Like, the back hand?
Ro: Oh look at that! Anthony: You’re gonna get the cord caught in the mixer!
Ro: Oh here we’ll hold it!
Ro: What about, um, blind? Anthony: Oh my god, you’re the best!
Ian: Oh, what? Pro!
Anthony: Are you peeking? Are you peeking? Ian: Pro! Pro! Anthony: You’re peeking!
Ro: There you go! Ian: Oh yeah!
Ro: Do you want to see something really cool about this mixer?
Ian: Yes! Ro: OK, hold it over here and then hit the eject button. It’s like the
Ro: best feeling in the world!
Ian: OH! Anthony: OH!
Anthony: Alright, so now our batter is done and it looks delicious! What do we do next Ro?
Ro: Nom-yum-yum! OK, I’ve just plugged in our cake pop maker, it’s basically
Ro: like a big waffle maker, and it’s really hot. As soon as this green light is
Ro: lit up it’s ready to go, so we are ready to go! Anthony: Ah, you’re not!
Ro: It is very hot, so we have mitts! Anthony: OK. Ro: Do not burn yourselves, so
Ro: I’m gonna open it up. I’ll show you guys how to do it and then I’m gonna let you
Ro: guys make some… There’s a latch here somewhere. Ian: Hahahahaha!
Ro: It’s… Oh my gosh it’s like, really hot!
All: OH! Ian: That’s cool! Ro: Pfft-pfft-pfft!
Ro: OK, awgh! Ah-hugh-hugh-hugh! Anthony: We’re dying!
Ro: We’re just gonna give it a quick little spray.
Ro: Get up here too. Ian: I’m gonna spray you! Ro: Here, here, I got the shield,
Ro: I got the shield… Pfft-pfft-pfft! It is non-stick, but we like to use
Ro: a little bit of spray. Ian: Now you’re also non-stick so… Ro: Yeah!
Ro: Now you’re gonna take a little tablespoon and it’s just gonna be 1 tablespoon of
Ro: dough into each little hole.
Ro: So I’m gonna take 1, and then you can just use your finger…
Ro: And DON’T touch the tray!
Ro: Are you guys ready to do this? Anthony: Oh we get to do it? Ro: Yeah!
Anthony: Oh you gotta use your finger. Ro: Yeah, you gotta use your little finger.
Ro: That looks great! Anthony: Thank you.
Anthony: Here, I’ll let you do the other half. Ian: OK. Ro: Alright, pass it over.
Ro: Don’t touch it! Super hot! Ian: OK.
Anthony: And the reward is licking your fingers afterwards.
Ro: I’m the hot pan referee, watch out! Watch out!
Anthony: Oh man I put way too much in those! Ro: That’s OK that's OK!
Ian: OW I touched the pan! Ro: OH NO! OH NO! Anthony: You’re the, you're the pan ref!
Ro: K, thanks for coming to bake with me and you can burn yourself on my show,
Ro: this is really fun.
Ro: We got them all in there, and now you’re gonna
Ro: close and let them bake for 4 minutes. Ian: Mmmm!
Ro: They smell done, we’re ready to open this thing, you gotta undo the latch.
Ro: You wanna wear your baking mitts because it’s really hot.
Anthony: But then when you’re wearing those you can’t hit the latch…
Ro: Yeah, you don’t have the best grip on there! Ian: Let’s all, let’s all
Ian: maybe, maybe use teamwork. Anthony: Yeah, teamwork!
Ro: Can you see it down there? Guys? Can you… Ian: Oh geez, you really can’t…
Anthony: Oh yeah! Ro: We did it! Ian: Oh yeah! Whoa. Anthony: Oh nice.
Anthony: So this is a donut flicker, the official term here. How do you do this?
Ian: Yes, the official Ro term…
Ro: So you flick ‘em up, it’s really hot so just…
Anthony: Oh man, I took a few up. Ro: Flick em’ onto the drying rack.
Anthony: I took a few out!
Ro: And its really to take off the edges, so I’m just gonna show you. Just peel it off.
Anthony: And don’t waste it, eat it!
Ro: Yeah. Ian: Yeah.
Anthony: Mmmmm, mmmmm! Ro: Little shh-nacks! Ian: Mmmm, yeah!
Ian: Now that we’re done with these we’re gonna ssssss-set them aside…
Ian: And, uh, make our icing.
Anthony: I’ve never made frosting before, is this flour?
Ro: That is powdered sugar. Anthony: Powdered, powdered sugar!
Ro: Yeah, frosting is really easy to make and this is a vegan frosting recipe,
Ro: It’s really good!
Ro: So we’ve got a big mixing bowl, and then you’re gonna pour in 4 cups of
Ro: powdered sugar in here, go for it! Anthony: OK, this is fine. Ro: You got it!
Anthony: Yeah, oh! Ro: There’s a smoke cloud! it always happens.
Anthony: Oh, I missed… Entirely, it’s OK!
Ian: I just ate, like, sugar air! Pretty great Ro: That's OK! Anthony: Hahaha! Ro: It’s the best kind of air!
Ro: Alright, and then we’re gonna add 4 tablespoons of soy milk.
Ian: OK. Ro: So I’ll have you add that in. Ian: I’ll be really fancy about it!
Ro: Do-doo-doo-doo, doo-doo-doo-doo-doooo!
Ian: There you go! Anthony: That was the strangest form of fancy I’ve ever seen.
Ian: That’s how I, that’s how I pour!
Ro: And the last ingredient that we’re adding is 1/2 of a teaspoon of vanilla extract
Ro: for a little bit of flavor. And then you’re gonna whisk it together till it’s
Ro: nice and smooth.
Ro: And this actually will get smooth, I know it doesn’t look like it…
Anthony: Haha, it doesn’t look like it will. Ro: It will!
Ian: Um, I'll, I’ll provide encouragement… Go! Whisk that sugar!
Ro: Now we are going to dye it pink, but I found these awesome these awesome things
Ro: at whole foods. It’s the brand india tree. And they’re food colorings, but they’re
Ro: natural food colorings, they’re made with, like, vegetable colorants like from
Ro: beets and stuff. So we’re gonna be using red to make pink because
Ro: little Edd is pretty pink. Anthony: Yes, he's super bright pink. Ian: He's pretty in pink! Anthony: Yes.
Ro: So, oh, uh, OK. Anthony: Oh you already added some.
Ro: Well, I was gonna say add like, 5 drops at a time, but mix it up slowly.
Ian: I, yeah I think you... That might be 5 drops, about.
Ro: Yeah, maybe 1 more for good measure!
Anthony: You can’t make him too red.
Ro: This will give you also a wor… Arm workout!
Ian: This totally beats using the shake weight! Anthony: Yeah! Hahaha!
Ro: Now that we’ve made our frosting I’ve put it into a smaller bowl and
Ro: microwaved it for 45 seconds, I did that to make it more liquid-y, because
Ro: we are going to dunk our little Bronuts! Are you ready? Ian: Yes!
Ro: OK, take a little Bronut… Anthony: Dunk it! Ro: Put him in, and then we’re gonna
Ro: cover him, ready? Anthony: OK. Ro: Cover… Anthony: Cover. Ro: Cover him.
Ian: You won’t be able to find him. Anthony: I can’t find him now.
Ro: OK, ready, now we’re gonna take him out. Anthony: OK, put it here. Ian: Ready…
Ro: And then put him over on the tray. Anthony: Oh! Ro: Oh, that’s OK.
Anthony: Is that good? Ro: Yeah! Anthony: Oh, OK.
Ian: Next one, oh!
Anthony: Alright, so we let them sit out to dry and harden. We set them on these
Anthony: plates, so what are we doing next?
Ro: Next is my favorite part! We’re gonna decorate!
Ian: Yes! Anthony: Decorate the Bronuts! So Exctied
Ro: We’re gonna make them look like little Edd’s!
Ro: So what we’ve got, is our frosting from before, but I just put it into a
Ro: plastic baggie, with a number 2 tip and then we’ve got some vegan frosting,
Ro: I’ll put a recipe to the link down below, and we’ve dyed that black with our
Ro: natural food coloring and we’ve got a number 2 tip as well.
Ro: And last but not least, the little sprinkles.
Anthony: Edd’s little hair! Ro: Yeah his little hair! So you’re gonna need blue
Ro: sprinkles, green sprinkles, yellow sprinkles and pink sprinkles.
Ro: Edd’s got big eyes, so just do 2 big circles for his eyes.
Ro: We’ve got our little eyeballs on our Bronuts, and now we’re gonna make their
Ro: little mouths. We’re using the same frosting but I just switched tip, we’re
Ro: now using a number 1 so it’s very small.
Ro: And you can make any little facial expression mouth you want. That’s a sentence!
Anthony: Are you gonna give him a smile? Ro: Yeah, I’m gonna do a little smile.
Anthony: Aww! Ro: He’s a happy Edd!
Ro: Any kind of mouth you want, he can be happy, sad, mad… Anthony: What is this Ian?
Ro: confused… Ian: He’s just like… Really?
Ro: Now we’re gonna take little bit of white icing, I’ve got it in a plastic bag
Ro: with a number 1 tip, and you don’t have to do this, this is totally optional,
Ro: but I just wanted him to have a little bit of expression on his face.
Ro: And we’re just gonna make his eyeball.
Anthony: No, mine looks so wrong! Ro: Ahahaha! Ian: Oh whoa!
Anthony: I’ll keep it, I’ll keep mine, I’ll keep mine, this is art at it’s finest!
Anthony: This is beautiful, this is the best, uh, creation ever created by mankind!
Ro: Last step, for decoration, we’re gonna add little sprinkles to the top
Ro: of Edd’s head. So take your little sprinkles, dip them in a little bit of frosting,
Ro: and then stick ‘em right on top.
Ian: Yours has male pattern baldness.
Anthony: Yeah it does. Haha he looks like a bald guy!
Ro: Ta-da!
Ro: Here are the vegan Bronut Holes that we made today, here’s our little guys,
Ro: I made a bunch more with all of his cute little expressions.
Ro: A big thank you to Ian and Anthony for baking with me!
Anthony: Thank you! Ian: Thank you so much!
Ro: Thank you, this was so much fun! I’ll be putting their links down below,
Ro: and also a link to this game, it amazing, it’s adorable.
Anthony: It’s free, by the way! And it’s so much fun, so if you download it…
Ro: Yeah! You guys should check it out.
Ro: And if you guys make these little guys, please take pictures and send them to me,
Ro: I love to re-blog them and re-post them, I just get a big kick
Ro: out of seeing your baking creations.
Ian: And we’d love to see them. Anthony: I want to see them too! Yeah!
Ro: Right on, OK, so I’m gonna put their twitters, so tweet them as well.
Anthony: Oh yeah.
Ro: And we need a hashtag so we can find them easy.
Anthony: #FoodBattleBronut
Ro: Food Battle Bronut! Alright, and if you guys have any other ideas for any other
Ro: Nerdy Nummies, please let me know, leave your comment down below and I’ll do
Ro: my best to make it happen!
Ro: Alright, thanks again you guys, bye-bye!
Ian and Anthony: Bye!
Ro: These little guys are so cute! We’re gonna do a cheers,
Ro: to you guys and the new game! Are you ready?
Anthony: Mmmhmm! Yeah! Ian: Yeah!
Ro: Alright Bronuts!
All: Cheers!
Anthony: Oh he’s so cute I don’t want to eat him… OK!
Ian: Mmmm! Anthony: Oh my god! This little Bronut tastes so good!
Ian: Mmmhmmm! Anthony: And here’s what he looks like with no face.
Anthony: Yours has no back. Ian: I ate the backside. Ro: I devoured!
Ro: Oh you kept the face. Ian: I did… Anthony: Not anymore!
Ro: Mmmm-mmm!
Anthony: It’s so good!
Ro: Om-yum-yum-yum-yum-yum!
Ro: I’m fluent in Om-Nom…
Ian: Oh yeah.


【Smosh】Smosh教你做有趣點心-布朗甜甜圈 (VEGAN DONUT BRONUT HOLES ft. Smosh! - NERDY NUMMIES)

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