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  • Well, aren't you... Aren't you gonna...

  • That's not my son.

  • What?

  • What are you saying?

  • lt's not my son.

  • JONES: Well, l'm sure you're mistaken.

  • l'm not mistaken.

  • Well, he's been through five terrible long months.

  • He's lost weight, he's changed.

  • l would know my own son.

  • All l'm saying is you're in shock and he's changed.

  • What's your name? Can you tell me your name?

  • Walter Collins.

  • (SIGHS)

  • lt's a common name.

  • Where do you live, Walter? You know your home address?

  • l live at 210 Avenue 23,

  • Los Angeles, California.

  • And that's my mommy!

  • Mrs. Collins, listen to me. l understand.

  • You're feeling a little uncertain right now, and that's to be expected.

  • A boy this age, he changes so fast.

  • We've compensated for that in our investigation.

  • And there's no question that this is your son.

  • That is not Walter.

  • lt's not Walter as you remember him.

  • And that's why it's important for you to take him home on a trial basis.

  • A trial basis?

  • Yes, yes.

  • Once he's around his familiar surroundings,

  • and you've given yourself time to recover from the shock of his changed condition,

  • you will see that this is your Walter.

  • Now, l promise you, l swear to you, l give you my word.

  • This is your son.

  • Now, if you have any problems, any problems at all, you come and you talk to me.

  • l'll take care of it.

  • l give you my word. Trust me.

  • Mrs. Collins, he has nowhere else to go.

  • Please.

  • Maybe l'm not thinking clearly.

Well, aren't you... Aren't you gonna...


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Changeling (3/12) Movie CLIP - That's Not My Son (2008) HD (Changeling (3/12) Movie CLIP - That's Not My Son (2008) HD)

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