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  • Hello my friends and welcome to another Tuesday of tutorial!

  • I am Leonardo Pereznieto and today we will draw a crystal apple.

  • To begin, let´s mark where we want the apple to be,

  • like from here to here, then let´s sketch the roundish shape.

  • Something like this.

  • On the upper part, it will have a depression,

  • and we should make the lower part a little bit thinner.

  • Good!

  • Let´s draw also the little stick and a leaf.

  • Very good!

  • Now we can start coloring with a green marker.

  • ll do it this way, then the top, and then the other side.

  • Now let´s give it another pass, in a different direction,

  • this makes it more even and a little bit darker.

  • Ok! with a darker green we can do some shadows.

  • With a white pastelll do the brightest highlights,

  • the pastel doesn´t hold on the pencil therefore I put this pastel

  • before I draw with any of the color pencils.

  • Good! And now with the white of the pencil set, let´s do some

  • softer lights.

  • This leaves a finish which is not very realistic, but we will handle that,

  • but now, let´s do some dark reflections with the black,

  • and with the light green pencil we go over the white to give it a very

  • nice transparency effect.

  • This looks so much better than just white, doesn´t it?

  • To represent the silver finish of the stick and leaf, we use very high

  • contrast of tones.

  • I am talking about the white pastel and the black pencil.

  • The list of materials is in the information bellow the video.

  • And we can fill it in with different tones of gray.

  • Very good! I like it how it is looking so far!

  • Let´s enrich it with some more tones of dark green.

  • Good! And some more reflections.

  • It´s time to draw the shadow.

  • We may do it with just color pencils or also with markers.

  • ll use a green marker for the center, although this may be a little bit more difficult

  • to blend, if you wish you may just stick with the color pencils for this.

  • As you saw, on the green I put some gray and white.

  • And we need some slight green on the outer area.

  • Very good! We could leave it like this, but I am going to

  • draw a light background with magenta, I do this hoping that it will increase

  • the volume and the 3D effect.

  • Here you have it! It´s an apple baby! [laughs]

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  • You know where to follow me, the links are bellow.

  • And I will see you on Tuesday :)

  • Subtitled by Grethel Trejo

Hello my friends and welcome to another Tuesday of tutorial!


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如何畫玻璃:水晶或丙烯綠蘋果--美術-技巧。 (How to Draw Glass: a Crystal or Acrylic Green Apple - Fine Art-Tips.)

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