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  • Lie on your back with feet together. Using your arms for support raise both your legs.

    你的背部,雙腳躺在一起。運用 你的武器支持提高雙方你的腿。

  • Slowly raise the buttocks and spine from the floor raising the trunk to a vertical position.

    慢慢抬起臀部和脊椎從 地板提高軀幹到垂直位置。

  • The elbows should be about shoulders width apart. Gently push the chest forward so that

    肘部應約肩膀寬 分開。輕輕推胸部向前,使

  • it presses firmly against the chin. Release your hands and place the arms on the floor

    它壓堅決反對下巴。發布 你的手,將手臂放在地板上

  • beside the body with the palms facing down. Slowly lower the torso, the buttocks, and

    旁邊的機身與手掌朝下。 慢慢地降低軀幹,臀部和

  • the legs. Relax in Shavasana. Lie on your back with feet together. PLace

    腿部。放鬆Shavasana。 你的背部,雙腳躺在一起。地方

  • your arms at the side of your body with palms facing down. Using your arms for support help

    你的手臂在你的身體用手掌側面 朝下。用你的雙臂的支持幫助

  • and raise both legs keeping them straight together. Slip your legs and let it arch over

    提高雙腿保持他們直 在一起。防滑你的腿,讓它拱過

  • your head till your toes touch the floor. Relax and hold the final pose for as long

    你的頭,直到你的腳趾接觸地面。 放鬆並保持只要最終的姿勢

  • as comfortable.Exhaling lower your legs and go back to the starting position.

    作為comfortable.Exhaling降低你的腿和 回到起始位置。

  • Lie flat on your stomach, palms to the side of your shoulders. Slowly raise your head

    平躺在你的肚子,手掌側面 你的肩膀上。慢慢抬起你的頭

  • and straighten your elbows.The arms may or may not be straight. Hold the position for

    並伸直手臂elbows.The可能或 可能不是直的。保持這個位置

  • few seconds. Slowly release the upper back, by bending the arms, lowering the navel,

    幾秒鐘。慢慢鬆開背部上方, 通過彎曲手臂,降低乳頭,

  • chest, shoulders and finally the forehead to the floor.

    胸部,肩膀,最後額頭 在地板上。

  • Lie flat on your stomach bend your legs upwards and hold both the ankles with your hands.

    平躺在你的肚子向上彎曲你的腿 並用你的雙手握住兩個腳踝。

  • Inhale while raising your thighs and chest simultaneously upwards arching your spine

    吸氣,同時提高你的大腿和胸部 同時向上拱起脊柱

  • as much as possible Hold the position for as long as its comfortable.

    盡可能保持這個位置 只要它的舒適。

  • Sit in Vajarasana. Stand on your knees with the hands close to your thighs. Stretch your

    坐在Vajarasana。站在你的膝蓋 手靠近你的大腿。伸展你的

  • arms up. Lean backwards slowly reaching your heels with your hands. Push the hips forward

    雙臂。精益向後慢慢地達到你的 高跟鞋用你的雙手。臀部向前推

  • and bend the head, spine backwards as far as possible. Remain in this position for as

    和彎曲頭部,脊柱向後盡量 越好。保持在這個位置上的

  • long as its comfortable. Return to the starting position by slowly releasing the hands from

    只要它的舒適。回到起點 慢慢從鬆開手中位置

  • the heels one at a time. Its important that this asana is followed by a forward bending

    在一個時間的腳跟之一。其重要的 此體式後跟一個向前彎曲

  • asana like Shashankasana.


Lie on your back with feet together. Using your arms for support raise both your legs.

你的背部,雙腳躺在一起。運用 你的武器支持提高雙方你的腿。


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