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Now let's contrast TO with another preposition: WITH.
You watched while I talked and worked with my son.
And we connected one clip to another.
Both of these prepositions, TO and WITH,
can express connections,
so what exactly is the difference?
TO is more about forming connections and forming relationships.
That's why we connected on clip to another.
Or we say, "She got engaged to Paul."
WITH also expresses connection,
but it's more about being together.
I spend time with my children.
I talked with my son. I worked with him.
WITH can also express being involved or being engaged in something.
That's why we use "bored with (something)."
I'm bored with these games. I want to try something new.
Let's look at collocations with the preposition WITH
to express togetherness or involvement.
Here are some nouns often followed by WITH.
Now let's look at some verbs.
And finally, here are some adjectives that combine with this preposition.
Right now am I speaking to you or with you?
We can say "speak to someone"
or "speak with someone."
But there is a different in meaning.
Remember that TO can express receiving,
so when I speak to you,
I want to make sure that the information is received.
When I speak with you,
I want to talk with you.
I want to talk about something together.
I want us both to be engaged in the discussion.
There is some overlap with these two prepositions.
The both express connections,
and they both could express relationships.
The best thing to do is to study some of the common combnations
with nouns, verbs, and adjectives.
So let's look at our last set of collocations.
Let's start with nouns.
Those are all about connections
or where one thing relates to another.
That's about relationships.
Next we'll look at verbs.
And finally adjectives with this preposition.
It's time for an exercise.


文法教學:介詞 (Using English Prepositions - Lesson 5: For, To, With - Part 2 (More Collocations))

1087 分類 收藏
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