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  • Hamlet, a la Shmoop. This little piggy went to Denmark.

  • Let us get something straight right off the bat. “Hamletis not an omelet filled

  • with ham.

  • Although that sounds delicious, the Hamlet were talking about is even worse for you.

  • Especially if you happen to be hiding behind a tapestry.

  • In fact, so many people die in Hamlet

  • that Rambo has body count envy. So if practically everyone gets sent to meet

  • their maker

  • why does this Fortinbras guywho’s only in the play for two-point-two seconds

  • get to make it out alive? First of all, Fortinbras shows up just after

  • all the madness and bloodshed has wrapped.

  • Pretty convenient if you ask us.

  • Sowas it simply a matter of good timing?

  • Everyone who had a problem with anyone was already pushing up daisies by the time he

  • came traipsing through the door

  • so maybe good fortune was just shining on the guy.

  • It’s good to be the Prince. But would Shakespeare have spared the guy

  • just because he arrived on the scene fashionably late?

  • We know how much Billy Shakes loved bumping his characters offsurely he had a better

  • reason? Was it because he wanted to comment on the

  • scene of death and destruction left in Hamlet’s wake?

  • Horatio was one of the fortunate few who witnessed all the carnage and lived to tell the tale

  • and it was only fitting that he acted as a narrator in the waning moments

  • but having Fortinbras stroll in gives Horatio someone’s ear he can bend.

  • Otherwise, Horatio would have had to deliver a monologue

  • and Hamlet had already fulfilled the monologue quota for the day.

  • But waitwhen has Shakespeare ever shied away from ending with a big olmonologue?

  • Was there another reason Fortinbras gets to keep breathing?

  • Perhaps he was a foil for Hamlet.

  • In other words, maybe we are supposed to see the drastically different lives of these two

  • princes, and contrast them.

  • By witnessing the military success and lack of emotional turmoil exhibited by this Prince

  • we can imagine where Hamlet might be today if he hadn’t been dealt such an unfortunate

  • set of circumstances. Did Fortinbras simply avoid the sweet release

  • of death because of an uncanny sense of timing?

  • Was he nothing more than a literary device, so that Horatio had someone to tell his story

  • to?

  • Or was he meant to represent Hamletnew and improved?

  • Shmoop amongst yourselves.

Hamlet, a la Shmoop. This little piggy went to Denmark.


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哈姆雷特 by Shmoop (Hamlet by Shmoop)

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