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How to Tell If a Guy Likes You.
There are lots of subtle clues that will let you know if a guy is interested in you that way, or just sees you as a friend.
You will need courage to make the first move, Good observational skills and hints to drop.
Step 1. Find a reason to chat him up. If he seems happy that you said hello or if he responds to your text message right away, that's a good sign.
Guys generally don't play hard to get, so what you see is what you get.
Step 2. Notice how he acts when you're around.
If he gets all loud and jokey with his friends or starts showing off in some way, he's probably trying to impress you.
Look at his pupils when you make eye contact; if he's attracted to you, they'll get bigger.
Step 3. Check out his chest. Is he sticking it out a little when he talks to you?
Men subconsciously "puff up" around females they're interested in.
It has to do with evolution:He's sending the message that he's strong enough to protect you.
Step 4. Watch his hands. Men who are attracted to someone tend to touch their earlobes.
His ears may turn a bit red, too. Step 5. Mention something you like – a type of food, a local sports team
and see what he says. It's human nature to respond positively when
someone we like gives their opinion. Ask him to help you with something,
whether it's carrying a heavy item or giving you advice. Guys love to "rescue" girls. Step 6. Drop a hint
like,"I'm hoping to catch a game the next time the team is in town," and see what he says.
It will provide an opening even the shyest guy can't ignore! Step 7. He's not biting?
Ask him out. It's the fastest way to find out his feelings for sure.
Did you know?In a study of reunited childhood sweethearts, the most successful rekindled
romances were between lost loves who were 17 or younger at the time they first fell in love.



【戀愛話題】怎麼知道他是不是喜歡上妳了 (How to Tell If a Guy Likes You)

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