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  • This is a search filled with potential traps so I enlisted the help of an expert of in

  • style trends. We hit some stores and scooped up some amazing deals and you can too, here's

  • how. Walk into your local off-price retailer and you'll find a treasure trove of designer

  • labels at discounted prices. Clothes, shows and bags at up to 60% off, everything seems

  • like a deal. But sniffing out the real finds at a TJ Maxx, Marshalls or Nordstrom Rack

  • takes a determined, savvy shopper. Super stylist Alison Deyette clued me in on how to shop

  • off price.

  • It's kind of overwhelming, I walk into a store like this and the first question is where

  • to start first! The first tip is to walk in with an open mind.

  • You can't come in and say I want a hot pink cocktail dress with lace on the collar. These

  • places are about the thrill of the find.

  • Often high end designers make too much of a product or a department store buys too much,

  • so each season off price retailers come in and buy what's left at a major discount. They

  • slash the prices 20-60%.

  • Okay I just found these bags, Marc Jacobs that were 895 and are now 296.

  • TJ Maxx gave a tour of their super secret handbag room where they gather samples for

  • next year's racks. The very same bags department stores will sell first price. But things go

  • fast, each week stores get up to 10,000 pieces of new merchandise.

  • Go to the store manager and say, listen I want to be that super savvy shopper. What

  • days do those trucks come and unload those boxes because I want to be here!

  • Beware, it's easy to overspend here so give yourself a time limit.

  • Alison: It can be a bit over stimulating for some people because when they start seeing

  • these awesome prices of brands that they were coveting from afar, so I would say give yourself

  • a time limit, maybe 30 minutes.

  • Alison and I edited down her picks and scooped up some amazing deals.

  • Alison: So this dress is selling for retail, 325, I get it for 125. So, I was able to get

  • a pair of neutral heels to get with it for 25 dollars. I'm getting a whole outfit for

  • 150 dollars that is less than half of the original price of the dress.

  • So here is a test, look at these dresses, one is from the department and one is from

  • the designer retailer. This one is 59, the other is 160. They come out the same week

  • and it just takes some time to visit the stores, the same with these shoes. You cans save even

  • more if you go off designer! Huge deals.

This is a search filled with potential traps so I enlisted the help of an expert of in


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早安美國》節目中的非價格零售購物--艾莉森-德耶特。 (Off-Price Retail Shopping on Good Morning America - Alison Deyette)

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