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  • Stand straight, raise the arms over the head, interlock the fingers and turn the palms upwards.

    立直,抬起雙臂在頭上, 聯鎖的手指,把手掌向上。

  • Raise the heels coming up on the toes. Hold the position for few seconds. Lower the hands

    提起腳跟來了腳趾。持有 的位置為幾秒鐘。放下手中

  • and heels while breathing out. Stand straight, fold your left leg and place

    和腳跟,同時呼氣。 站直,疊左腿和地點

  • the sole of your foot along with your inner thigh. Inhale and raise your arms up keeping

    你的腳連同你的內心唯一 大腿。吸氣,抬起雙臂保持

  • your palms together. Hold the position for about 10 seconds and exhaling lower your arms

    你的雙手合十。保持這個位置 約10秒鐘,呼氣降低你的武器

  • and your leg back to the start position. Now repeat the same with the other side.

    和你的腿回到起始位置。現在 重複相同的另一側。

  • Stand erect with your feet apart. Raise the arms to shoulder level. Bend to the right

    屹立與你的腳分開。提高 手臂與肩平。彎曲到右側

  • and place the right hand on the floor behind the right foot. keeping the two arms in line

    然後將右手放在身後地板 右腳。保持一致的兩臂

  • with each other. Hold the posture for a few seconds. Look up. Go back to the starting

    彼此。保持姿勢幾 秒。抬頭。返回到起始

  • position and repeat on the other side. Stand straight with feet apart. Raise your

    在另一邊的位置,重複。 用雙腳​​分開站立伸直。舉起你的

  • arms and place your hands in prayer position. Bend your knees deeply sinking down until

    武器和你的雙手在祈禱位置。 彎曲你的膝蓋深深地下沉,直到

  • your hips are lower than the knees. Push up your elbows to your knees to open up your

    你的臀部比膝蓋低。推升 你的手肘到你的膝蓋打開你的

  • hips and gently press the side of your knees to your elbows. Hold the position for as long

    臀部輕輕按壓膝蓋的側 你的手肘。按住只要位置

  • as 30 seconds t 1 minute. Release the pose either sitting back or pushing the back up

    30秒噸1分鐘。鬆開姿勢 無論是坐或推回了

  • to standing. Lie on your back and bend the knees. Press

    到站立。 趴在你的背部和彎曲膝蓋。按

  • the ankles with your hands holding the breath raise your buttocks and arch your back upwards.

    用你的雙手拿著的氣息腳踝 提高你的臀部和弓起你的背部向上。

  • Raise your chest and navel as high as possible. Pushing your chest up towards the chin. Hold

    抬起你的胸部和肚臍盡可能高。 推你的胸部,邁向下巴。持有

  • the pose for as long as its comfortable. Exhaling lower your body and release the ankles. Practise

    的姿勢,只要它的舒適。呼氣 降低你的身體,釋放腳踝。練習

  • 5 to 10 rounds. Sit upright with the legs wide apart. Inhale,

    5至10個回合。 坐直與雙腿分開。吸氣,

  • raise the arms over the head and forward the hips and move the hands forward between the

    抬高雙臂在頭上並轉發 臀部和移動雙手向前的

  • legs. If possible hold your big toes with index and middle fingers. Hold the pose for

    腿。如果可能的話把你的腳趾頭大 食指和中指。保持姿勢的

  • 10 to 60 seconds. exhaling raise your arms and go back to the starting position.

    10至60秒。呼氣抬起雙臂 並返回到開始位置。

  • Come on to the floor on your hands and knees. Inhale while raising the head and repressing

    一上來就在你的手和膝蓋在地板上。 同時將頭和抑制吸氣

  • the spine so that the back becomes concave. Exhale while lowering the head stretching

    脊椎使後變成凹形。 呼氣,同時降低頭部伸展

  • the spine upwards and pulling the buttocks. The hands should be in line with the knees,

    脊柱向上拉臀部。 雙手應符合膝蓋,

  • the arms and thighs should be perpendicular to the floor. The knees may be slightly separated

    手臂和大腿應垂直 在地板上。膝蓋可以稍微分開

  • so that they are well aligned under the hips. Repeat it 5 to 10 rounds.

    使得它們在臀部井對齊。 重複5〜10個回合。

  • Sit with the soles of your feet together keeping the heels as close to the body as possible.

    坐下來與你的腳底保持在一起 腳跟盡量靠近身體越好。

  • Clutch the feet with both hands. Gently move the knees up and down. Repeat this movement

    腳用雙手離合器。輕輕移動 膝蓋上下。重複此動作

  • 15 to 20 times. This asana helps to open up the hips and stimulates the reproductive system.

    15至20倍。這種體位法有助於開拓 臀部和刺激生殖系統。

Stand straight, raise the arms over the head, interlock the fingers and turn the palms upwards.

立直,抬起雙臂在頭上, 聯鎖的手指,把手掌向上。


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