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  • Can these thunder buddies make lightning strike twice at the box office?!

  • Youre watching Beyond The Trailer’s review of Ted 2...

  • Sure in hindsight, it was pretty dumb for Fox to pass on Ted, who had first dibs on

  • any movies from their Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane. But even Universal, who picked

  • up Ted, couldn’t have imagined it would earn half a BILLION worldwide at the box office.

  • Instead, one would assume MacFarlane’s first film would perform more like his second - A

  • Million Ways to Die in the West - which couldn’t even top fifty million domestic, nor one hundred

  • million worldwide. So what was the anomaly? Ted, or A Million Ways to Die in the West?

  • It would seem Hollywood feels it’s the latter, as not a single movie has been scheduled to

  • open opposite Ted 2. And Mark Wahlberg does seem to be on a roll, with Transformers Age

  • of Extinction the only film to join the billion dollar club last year - plus Lone Survivor

  • and 2 Guns were both solid hits. Sure there was The Gambler, but hopefully that’s just

  • HIS anomaly. Now Hollywood has not only taken note of Ted’s success, but tried to copy

  • it. Just as Family Guy raised the bar for crude comedy on TV, it would seem Ted did

  • the same for movies. Were the Millers was another huge hit following in Ted’s wake,

  • and this summer Ted 2 will have to compete with the similarly crude Trainwreck and Vacation.

  • Yes while nobody has been able to come close to MacFarlane on the small screen, it would

  • seem competition is a lot fiercer on the big screen. It will also be interesting to see

  • if Mila Kunis aka Meg was a genuine factor in the first film’s success, or if this

  • really is the Mark and Seth show. Amanda Seyfried is the new female lead, while Ted 2 boasts

  • a little more star-power than its predecessor with Morgan Freeman, Liam Neeson, Tom Brady,

  • David Hasselhoff, 24’s Dennis Haysbert and even Mad Men’s John Slattery joining the

  • cast. Then again, a bevy of stars didn’t do much to help A Million Ways to Die in the West...

  • So, can Seth MacFarlane score once again? Or should he be afraid that lightning WON’T strike again?

Can these thunder buddies make lightning strike twice at the box office?!


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泰德2》影評--預告片之外 (Ted 2 Movie Review - Beyond The Trailer)

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