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  • That's what you get when you hire a con man.

  • I can convince anyone of anything.

  • You see there's a science to getting people to trust you.

  • I want in.

  • With your current skill set, you don't.

  • Maybe... you could teach me.

  • In your room...

  • That is so bad.

  • Is it?

  • Does it feel sexy on your face?

  • A little.

  • It does? Okay let's go.

  • We're about thirty strong.

  • Everybody gets a percentage.

  • Make it quick and get out.

  • Who's the girl?

  • She's our intern.

  • You hittin' that?

  • I'm right here.

  • No Farhad, I'm not hitting that.

  • You should hit that.

  • We never drop the con.

  • Never break.

  • Where are the black people!?

  • I got this.

  • What?

  • Oh! Oh, sorry.

  • Congratulations. You're a criminal.

  • You might be one of the best I've ever seen.

  • So what about the big con?

  • I thought you were all big time.

  • You mean the one where we make so much money we all retire.

  • This needs to be discrete. No holes.

  • You seem trustworthy, but you don't know me.

  • Is he your mark?

  • That's fantastic.

  • He's not a guy you want to cross.

  • All of it.

  • 1.1 million.

  • Nicky, that is my money too.

  • For now, you make things interesting.

  • There's no room for heart in this game.

  • It'll get you killed.

  • How does that feel?

  • Wooow

  • There's two kinds of people in this world.

  • There's hammers.... and nails.

  • You decide which one you want to be.

*Song playing


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A2 初級 美國腔

焦點官方預告片#1 (2015) - 威爾-史密斯,瑪格特-羅比電影高清。 (Focus Official Trailer #1 (2015) - Will Smith, Margot Robbie Movie HD)

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