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  • Hi I'm Anali Perry

  • this is the Library Minute

  • Here at the ASU Libraries

  • we've put together a team

  • of interlibrary loan

  • and document delivery specialists

  • to connect you with

  • the resources you need

  • as fast as possible

  • Combined these services connect you with

  • Articles that are scanned

  • and delivered to you online

  • usually within twenty-four hours

  • Books, videos, and more

  • If it's at ASU we'll get from the shelf

  • and hold it at the library of your choice

  • If we don't own it

  • we'll get it FAST

  • From any other library

  • If you're an online student

  • we'll even mail books from our collection

  • to you at home

  • All of this is free to you

  • as an ASU student, faculty, or staff

  • Just go to the interlibrary loan

  • and document delivery website

  • for more information

  • Thank you for taking a Library Minute

  • Where we're never going to give you up

  • never going to let you down

  • [Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up]

Hi I'm Anali Perry


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圖書館分鐘。館際互借文獻傳遞 (Library Minute: Interlibrary Loan Document Delivery)

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