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  • [How to Prepare Notecards for a Speech | Public Speaking Training]


  • So here are some tips on how to outline your speech.


  • For starters, you don't want to just write and write and write 58 pages of PowerPoint.

    良心建議各位初學者,絕對不要做 58 頁、落落長的 PPT 投影片。

  • That's too much to even start from.


  • What you should do is brainstorm on every single distinct idea or message you havemaybe you have 20 or 30.

    你要做的是先腦力激盪,把冒出來的每一個獨特想法和訊息記錄下來,也許文思泉湧的你會有 20 、30 個想法。

  • But then, you've got to be a harsh editor; you've got to really figure out what are literally just your top five ideas.


  • Get rid of the others.


  • So, you've got five bullet points on your outline.


  • Next, underneath each one, you've got a story that dramatizes this particular point.


  • If you've got it, put another point underneath it⏤a fact, a number that's really important that you might not rememberput that.


  • And finally, under each message point, if you have a PowerPoint slide, you need something that tells you what the slide is so you can talk about it before the slide comes up.

    最後,如果你打算用 PowerPoint 來做簡報,可以在每一頁幻燈片下面寫一些東西來提醒自己這一頁在講什麼,以更流暢地用口頭鋪陳方式帶出下一頁的資訊。

  • That way, you're in charge, not the PowerPoint.

    這樣一來,你可以完全掌控簡報的節奏,而不是被 PowerPoint 主導。

  • So what do you end up with?


  • A simple outline, five big points, and a few bullet points underneath each one to remind you of the story, an example or fact, and the visual.


  • Do that, and you'll have a great, simple, lean, efficient, one-page outline to guide you through your whole presentation.


[How to Prepare Notecards for a Speech | Public Speaking Training]


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