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  • Welcome to the League of Legends Champion Spotlight featuring Ahri, the Nine-Tailed Fox.

    歡迎來到《英雄聯盟》英雄聚光燈 - 阿璃,九尾狐

  • Ahri is a mobile mage assassin. Utilizing skill shots, dashes, and clever positioning, Ahri excels at taking out single targets and disrupting the enemy team.


  • Ahri’s passive is Soul Eater. Every time one of her spells hits an enemy, she gains stacks of Soul Eater.


  • Once it reaches its cap, her next spell will enjoy significantly increased spell vamp.


  • Orb of Deception fires out Ahri’s orb and then pulls it back, dealing magic damage on the way out, and true damage on the way back.


  • I take Orb of Deception at level 1 and max it by level 9


  • Fox-Fire creates three orbiting flames around Ahri. These flames then seek out and damage any nearby enemies who wander too close.


  • Single targets can be hit multiple times, but extra hits deal reduced damage. I take Fox-Fire at level 4 and max it last.


  • Charm sends out a skill-shot nuke that damages and charms the first enemy it hits.


  • Charmed enemies are slowed and walk toward Ahri for a short time. I take Charm at level 2 and max it by level 13


  • Ahri’s ultimate is Spirit Rush. When activated, Ahri dashes toward the cursor and damages three nearby enemies.


  • Ahri may dash twice more within a few seconds of first using Spirit Rush before it goes on cooldown.


  • In early laning I make sure to count the charges on Soul Eater.


  • Once I’ve capped it out, I use Orb of Deception to hit as large of a minion wave as possible, retuning the most health I can.


  • After learning Spirit Rush, I head to gank other lanes. I make the mistake of leading with Charm instead of waiting for a clear shot.


  • However, I Spirit Rush over the wall and then dash away from his turret in case I get locked up inside turret range.


  • Yorick and I take him down and then Skarner appears.


  • I tag him with Orb of Deception and activate Fox-Fire, walk on top of him, and take him down before retreating with Yorick.


  • As my team sieges the middle turret, I try to poke as much as possible with skill shots.


  • Landing Charm means I get Orb of Deception without Annie dodging.


  • Again I keep track of Soul Eater stacks, using Fox Fire to trigger the spell vamp for Orb of deception.


  • Spirit Rush comes back from cooldown and Annie is out of position. I activate Fox-Fire, Spirit Rush over, fire off Charm and then immediately Orb of Deception.


  • I use my two remaining charges of Spirit Rush to escape Singed


  • Ahri excels at catching opponents off-guard. Here Malzahar is attempting to defend his base, but a quick Spirit Rush into Charm locks him up.


  • I follow with Fox-Fire into Spirit Rush and a point-blank Orb of Deception for the kill.


  • With my final charge of Spirit Rush I escape from underneath the turret.


  • Once everyone gets together for the fight, I try to keep my distance and just dish out damage with my basic spells until I notice an opening.


  • Once Lux gets low: I charge in with Spirit Rush twice and kill her with Fox-Fire, using the third Spirit Rush to reposition. I chase down Singed with Flash and Orb of Deception, easily cleaning up Skarner in the resulting 4 versus 1 fight.


  • Our opponents catch us near Baron. I open up on Skarner because I can’t assassinate anyone with so many crowd control effects on the enemy team.


  • Were able to kill him rather quickly as I use Spirit Rush not to dive onto enemy champions, but to damage the surrounding enemies, Skarner and Singed.


  • Once Skarner falls I look to take out squishier targets like Annie, landing Charm and Fox-Fire to pick up the kill.


  • With most of their team dead, I’m able to play a bit more aggressively by walking up to Singed for Orb of Deception and Fox-Fire, killing him.


  • With the fight now a 4 versus 1, I leave my team to clean up Lux as I head toward my minion wave to push down the enemy base.


  • On Dominion, Ahri’s all-out offense lets you really help your team in the larger fights.


  • As we push onto the Windmill, I land skill shots onto Tristana and Dr. Mundo, activating Fox-Fire to help pick up Fizz.


  • With Ignite and Orb of Deception I wear my opponents down further. After, I decide I can go in for the kill on Tristana.


  • Ghost, Charm, and basic attacks grab the kill and I escape for a Health Relic.


  • Once weve actually captured the Windmill, Fizz respawns and shows up.


  • I know with my remaining health I can only attempt to interrupt his captures, but once Alistar comes to help, I try to bait him over.


  • He lunges at us with Playful / Trickster and as soon as Alistar lands Pulverize, I tag him with Charm, allowing Alistar to Headbutt him away for the kill underneath our turret.

    他用「愛玩小飛 / 調皮小飛」朝我們躍進,亞歷斯塔一用「大地粉碎」我就朝他使用「傾城」,讓亞歷斯塔用「野蠻衝撞」將他在塔下擊殺。

  • It’s important to note that landing skill shots is extremely vital when playing Ahri.


  • I spot Heimerdinger heading in toward the Speed Shrine. I try to lead him with Charm, but he dodges by stopping in place.


  • He dodges Orb of Deception by turning around, but by using Spirit Rush again, I hit him with the second half of it.


  • Now out of cooldowns and missing half my spells, I foolishly chase Heimerdinger through his turrets, falling to their damage output and his rockets.


  • When you do land skill shots, it’s a much different game. As Heimerdinger comes down from the Windmill, I land Charm successfully.


  • This lets me hit Orb of Deception without him dodging.


  • Between Fox-Fire and Spirit Rush, I clean up Heimerdinger extremely quickly and start to capture the point.


  • For runes I take magic penetration marks, ability power per level seals, ability power per level glyphs, and flat ability power quintessences.


  • This build is aimed at giving me the greatest possible magic damage at all stages of the game.


  • My masteries are 21/0/9, taking all the magic damage and ability power increasing masteries in Offense while taking bonus mana, mana regeneration, and increased neutral buff duration in Utility.


  • I take Ignite and Flash for summoner spells in Classic, subbing out Flash for Ghost on Dominion.


  • In either case, I master all my summoner spells in their respective trees.


  • In Classic, I open with a Sapphire Crystal and two Health Potions.


  • I upgrade quickly to Catalyst the Protector and grab Boots of Speed before upgrading further to Rod of Ages and Sorcerer’s Shoes.


  • I then start major ability power purchases through Rabadon’s Deathcap, Will of the Ancients, and if required, Void Staff.


  • I then buy a Lich Bane and consider selling the Rod of Ages for Rylai’s Crystal Scepter.


  • In Dominion, I take a similar build, but open with Prospector’s Ring and Boots of Speed while skipping the Rod of Ages.


  • I follow the same path as before, taking Rabadon’s Deathcap, Will of the Ancients, and seeing if I need Void Staff to combat my opponentsmagic resist.


  • Like in Classic I also take on Lich Bane and Rylai’s Crystal Scepter.


  • Thanks for tuning into the Ahri Champion Spotlight. Please subscribe to the Riot Games YouTube channel above and don’t forget to thumbs us up just below the video!

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Welcome to the League of Legends Champion Spotlight featuring Ahri, the Nine-Tailed Fox.

歡迎來到《英雄聯盟》英雄聚光燈 - 阿璃,九尾狐


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阿利冠軍聚焦 (Ahri Champion Spotlight)

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