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I'm pretty sure I left you at the bar...
Oh, yep, that's right.
And then I didn't see you for the rest of the night.
Dude, I feel we barely made it out of there alive.
You were those guys.
Well dude, he wouldn't let us go,
he just kept us all there,
I think he, like, bought out the entire bar.
But he tipped the bartender like twenty bucks, so...
Some things never change.
But wasn't it good to see everyone again?
Like, that's why I love weddings,
They're like mini reunions.
I think the last time we were all together
was that big trip to Costa Rica.
Oh my gosh, you're right.
That was seven years ago. Seven years!
Man, I dunno why I lost touch with most of them.
Well, I think life just takes people in different directions.
Yeah, but...
you and I stay friends.
Aww, this is a good one of all of us.
Whoa! What is going on here?
Brandon is all over you.
He definitely took advantage of the open bar,
got super drunk and weird.
Weird? How so?
Just before we left,
he pulled me to the side
and he told me he liked me,
and I'm guessing that wasn't what you wanted to hear.
I mean, I'm flattered...
He's sweet.
But it's a bit more complicated than that.
Yeah, especially at our age right?
With everything we've been through,
you can't just tell someone "I like you."
Remember when "I like you" was enough?
"I like you" was all you wanted to hear from someone.
I do.
I mean, I could clearly recall
the first time I heard those words from the girl that I liked.
For the first time, it was mutual, and of all the people in our town,
she chose me.
It was the most incredible feeling in the world.
"I like you" was enough.
When was this?
Last week.
No, it was err... it was high school.
She became my first girlfriend.
She became my first love.
"I like you" became "I love you."
Remember when...
"I love you" was enough?
"I love you" was
the epitome of your feelings for someone.
It meant you two were no longer kids,
that you found the one,
and you're done. That's it.
It was...
But that was before ex-boyfriends,
before ex-girlfriends,
before... her disapproving parents,
before that little bad habit grew into the most annoying thing ever,
before pretending to like golf,
before wishing he'd enjoy dancing
and sitting through musicals just to make her happy.
It was enough before she took the job overseas
and long distance revealed our weaknesses.
This was before he gave up...
...on himself,
before you realized you were never gonna convert.
This was before he was ready for marriage and kids
and you weren't.
"I love you" was enough before other "I love you"s,
and before he said, "I thought I loved you."
This was before he cheated,
and before your own thoughts strayed to someone else.
It was enough before we were hurt so deeply,
and before we hurt others so selfishly.
"I love you" was enough
until you found out it wasn't.
Hey, where are you going? What's up?
Is that really what you believe?
I'm just saying love isn't as simple as we once thought it was.
I mean it's true, right?
You know, I always kept a little hope with you,
but you're so far gone.
Probably doesn't even matter if I tell you.
What are you talking about?
You wanna know why I told Brandon things were so complicated?
I like you.
I might even love you,
but you're right,
it's just words, a statement.
It's not enough,
and it won't ever be if you think that's all you need.
What makes it enough,
what makes it the one,
is choice.
Constantly choosing to love.
So what are you gonna choose?



【感人微電影】選擇去愛 - 累積 (Love is a choice - ACCUMULATED)

15070 分類 收藏
Joyce Lee 發佈於 2015 年 7 月 25 日    Helen 翻譯    Joyce Lee 審核
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