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  • (Villager News Intro sung by the Villagers)

  • Breaking News!

  • A crazed lunatic has taken two of our citizens as hostages!

  • Armed police arrived at the building moments ago

  • Villager number 9 is on the scene

  • Thank you Villager number 4. I'm her today at a building...

  • ...where I'm told an armed man has taken two citizens hostage

  • The street has been cordoned off to protect the surrounding residents

  • Oh No!...I'm trapped!

  • I have Villager number 43 here. What was it like when you discovered the situation?

  • Argh! It was horrible I was just walking al...

  • Oh look! They're negotiating

  • Citizen! Put down the weapon!

  • Who?... Me?!

  • Yes you! PUT! DOWN! THE KNIFE!

  • Erm... bu...but I'm making toast!

  • Release the hostages!

  • What hostages?!

  • We are told you have two hostages in there!

  • But there's only me and him in here! - Hello

  • That's right two hostages!

  • WHAT!? That doesn't make any..

  • Hey Look! There's some stuff going down on the news!

  • A crazed lunatic has taken two hostages

  • That's us!

  • What?...Uh...Argh!... You're him...NO! Please don't hurt me!

  • Im not hurting anyone!

  • What are your demands?!

  • I don't have any demands! I just want to make toast!

  • Get this man some toast! Nobody else needs to get hurt

  • Let's go in...

  • Hey! Where are you going?!

  • To get an interview!

  • Hello! I'm Villager number 9 from Villager News

  • Can I ask what brought on this bout of crazed lunacy?

  • All I want is to make some toast

  • He's threatening me! He's threatening me!

  • No I'm not! If I don't make it out alive...

  • ...please tell Villager number 4 that I ate his sandwich!

  • GASP! I knew it was him!

  • It's gone too far! We have to move now!

  • Go! Go! Go!

  • Go! Go! Go!

  • Take him down!

  • Let's do this!...Let's Go!

  • What are you doing? Now you're all hostages too!

  • WHAT?! NO! I had so much to live for! I was supposed to be retiring!

  • Wait! I'm not taking ANY hostages!

  • He's riddled with lies!

  • This just in: The mayor has been informed of the situation.

  • So what can we do?

  • Your in a position of power maybe he'll listen to you...

  • Yes! That's a good idea. Let's go talk to him.

  • YAY! I'm a hostage too!

  • I've received important news that I have also been taken hostage!

  • Well, that's it for this weeks edition of Villager News! See you next time!


  • Copyright © Element Animation 2015

(Villager News Intro sung by the Villagers)


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村民新聞3(Minecraft動畫) (Villager News 3 (Minecraft Animation))

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