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  • Hey guys this is Austin. There have been a lot of great consoles over the years but here

  • are my top 5 most underrated. Kicking things off we have the Nintendo GameCube from 2001.

  • As the fourth home console from Nintendo the GameCube had some big shoes to fill. It had

  • fairly powerful hardware, so much so that when it came time to make the Wii Nintendo

  • largely just reused the specs of the GameCube. It had a solid lineup of games as well including

  • the always great first party Nintendo titles like Luigi’s Mansion along with a fair few

  • third party games. This was important as one of the major problems with the Wii and Wii

  • U was the lack of major games like Call of Duty, leading a lot of people to go buy an

  • Xbox or PlayStation. It also shipped with a fairly controversial controller that’s

  • aged fairly well, so much so that when Nintendo launched Smash 4 on the Wii U they started

  • selling the 13 year old GameCube controllers again. As the first Nintendo console to drop

  • cartridges the GameCube uses mini DVDs which are a lot smaller than a traditional disc

  • but only had 1.5 gigabytes of capacity compared to up to 8.5 gigs on the Xbox and PS2. And

  • it was ultimately the PS2 that hurt it the most, selling a massive 155 million consoles

  • compared to just 22 million for the GameCube. Still though, it holds up as one of the most

  • underrated consoles ever. Coming in at number four we have the Sega Saturn from 1994. Sega

  • was all over the place in the 90s. The Genesis put up a serious fight against the Super Nintendo

  • but then they released a series of weird add ons before moving on with the Sega Saturn.

  • Even though the Saturn was the worst selling Sega console it actually had a lot going for

  • it. It featured a design that was ahead of it’s time with dual CPUs ten years before

  • this became the norm in consoles which was a big deal, it gave the Saturn the power to

  • play games straight from the arcade like Daytona USA and Virtua Fighter. The dual CPUs gave

  • it a lot of theoretical power compared to the PlayStation 1 but it was incredibly difficult

  • for developers to take advantage of. Unfortunately things went wrong almost immediately. Sega

  • did a surprise launch four months early...without letting some stores know, prompting them to

  • drop the Saturn or indeed Sega altogether. Oops. Couple this with the lack of big name

  • titles like Sonic and Sony’s new console outsold the Saturn by a massive ten to one

  • ratio. The Saturn was a great console but things just didn’t work out for Sega this

  • time. Next at number three we have the Sony PlayStation Vita from 2011. Nintendo just

  • launched the 3DS, the followup to the massively successful DS and Sony was coming off the

  • PSP, the first handheld to really challenge Nintendo ever. It’s rocking a big, high

  • resolution five inch touchscreen with some of the best physical controls ever put on

  • a portable and even cool features like a rear touchpad. There’s just one problem: a little

  • thing called smartphones came along. With most people already having a decent gaming

  • device in their pockets portable consoles have hit some serious issues. The 3DS has

  • handled the transition reasonably well thanks to it’s library of excellent first party

  • titles like Mario, Pokemon and Zelda but the Vita hasn’t been so fortunate. It has some

  • decent games, especially Japanese titles but in North America the big games like Minecraft

  • are nearly all available on other platforms. It still has some life in it but Sony has

  • been focused on things like PS4 Remote Play and PlayStation Now instead of pushing major

  • titles to the Vita. It’s a shame because the Vita really was awesome but it was the

  • wrong console at the wrong time. At number two we have the Nintendo Wii U from 2012.

  • The Wii U...yeah. Like the Saturn Nintendo had just come off the enormously successful

  • Wii and immediately into big problems. The big draw of the Wii U is the tablet like GamePad

  • which is legitimately cool but most people thought it was an accessory for the original

  • Wii rather than an all new console. To add insult to injury where the Wii was priced

  • significantly lower than the Xbox and PlayStation the Wii U is only slightly cheaper than the

  • technically superior Xbox One and PS4, mostly due to the expensive GamePad that’s included

  • with every Wii U. Like the Wii it’s been hamstrung by a lack of third party support,

  • making the Wii U almost entirely reliant on first party Nintendo games. Thankfully there

  • have been quite a few terrific titles such as Smash 4 and Splatoon but with an install

  • base of less than 10 million consoles it’s behind both the Xbox One and PS4 even with

  • an extra year head start. Nintendo has already started talking about their next console,

  • the NX which we should find out more about next year. The Wii U is shaping up to have

  • one of the shortest and most disastrous console runs ever which is a shame because it really

  • is a good console. Unfortunately that’s just not enough. Coming in at the number one

  • spot is the infamous Sega Dreamcast from 1998. The Dreamcast had so much potential. Sega

  • learned from the overly complicated Saturn and designed a clean, easy to work with console

  • that had a big head start on the other consoles of its generation. It brought a lot of firsts

  • as well including a built-in modem for online play years before it became popular. With

  • the VMU it brought an early second screen experience way before the Wii U that doubled

  • as the memory card for the system and some games were powered by Windows three years

  • before Microsoft launched the Xbox. It even had several big games like Crazy Taxi and

  • Sonic Adventure which were a big step up graphically than anything available at the time. The Dreamcast

  • had a big, successful launch but surprise surprise, Sony pulled the rug out from under

  • Sega with the hugely popular PlayStation 2. The already weak Sega crumbled and less than

  • two years after they launched the Dreamcast in the US Sega entirely pulled out of the

  • console business and the rest is history. If you enjoyed this video and you want to

  • see more like this definitely be sure to subscribe to the channel and I will catch you in the next one.

  • There’s a fly in the room right now. Look he’s right there.

  • Ohh so close! This video will never be done.

Hey guys this is Austin. There have been a lot of great consoles over the years but here


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五大被低估的遊戲機! (Top 5 Underrated Game Consoles!)

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