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  • 70 years ago, the United Nations charter was signed and ratified, creating the world’s

  • most comprehensive global leadership organization. The UN’s main goals include improving education,

  • child mortality rates, maternal health, gender equality and many other initiatives. So, can

  • they do it? Exactly how effective is the United Nations?

  • The United Nations emerged after World War 2, with the objective of achieving a global

  • balance of peace between world powers. Today they have 193 member states. And they have

  • roughly 100 thousand soldiers, orblue-berets” (buh-REYS) operating 16 separate peacekeeping

  • missions around the globe. That’s about equal to the active manpower of Canada. They

  • also have numerous government branches, like the World Health Organization and the International

  • Court of Justice, to further focus peacekeeping efforts.

  • But even with so many assets, they have been criticized at times for inefficiency, and

  • ineffectiveness. Specific instances that haunt the UN, are the conflicts during the 1990s,

  • in Rwanda, Somalia and the former Yugoslavia. The Peacekeeping forces that were sent there

  • were too small to cope with the violence. As a result, many people were killed. These

  • incidents forced the United Nations to reassess their resources, and their methods of handling

  • ongoing wars.

  • But there have been many other SUCCESSFUL peacekeeping missions - throughout places

  • like Angola, Namibia, El Salvador and Mozambique. United Nations officials can monitor ceasefire

  • agreements and observe demilitarization efforts. Officials also regulate nuclear proliferation

  • with their International Atomic Energy Agency. Thanks primarily to UN organizations, Smallpox

  • has been completely eradicated since 1980, and Polio is expected to be eliminated in

  • 2018. The UN has improved literacy rates across the globe, child mortality rates, and women’s

  • rights. They also work to extract dangerous landmines across the globe, and combat terrorism.

  • As a result of extensive and innovative humanitarian work, UN officials, UN agencies and the entire

  • organization itself has been awarded 11 Nobel Prizes over the years.

  • So is the United Nations effective? Well, although they have had past setbacks, the

  • organization is without a doubt, the strongest, most wide-reaching, and well-respected global

  • peace initiative that the world has ever seen. As long as they retain support and commitment

  • from all their members, the United Nations could finally be the one government entity

  • that clears the path to future peace.

  • If you want to get a better picture of the UN’s influence in the world, check out Seeker’s

  • video about UNESCO, the agency that helps preserve human history, or to learn about

  • how powerful the UN actually is, our video below. Thanks for watching TestTube News!

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70 years ago, the United Nations charter was signed and ratified, creating the world’s


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聯合國的效力如何? (How Effective Is The United Nations?)

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